Warhammer 40,000's Space Hulk is Coming to Wii U in 2015 + Game Details and History

Nintendo Enthusiast: "If that name makes you picture the Incredible Hulk in a poorly fitted astronaut suit floating confusedly through space, you are not alone."

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Ark_1476d ago

Nice surprise. Boardgame type games fit well.

Dubaman1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

"Cross platform multiplayer between PC, Mac and iOS"
That's pretty damn cool.

Man, i remember i would paint WarHammer figures and not even realise that they were part of a game. I just thought they were little collectors models or something like that. I was young and stupid. Sort of in the same vein of geekdom as WarHammer however is Dungeons and Dragons. I wouldn't mind having a D&D game on the WiiU. Now, i have never played D&D and up until recently have had no interest in it but i've seen a few videos online, with people talking about their experiences and it seems like reet fun. The DM could have the gamepad to themselves keeping the plot and puzzles a mystery while the other players use the TV to live out the action. I mean, the WiiU is pretty much the only console out there which has couch co-op so this type of game makes perfect sense. However, You could even play it with your friends online, (lets face it life gets in the way of gaming too much) with voice chat and even video chat using the gamepad's camera. You could download different rules, worlds, stories or make your own up without having to fork out for other kits and sets, which take up quite a bit of space. I could see people being against it as the physical game itself does have a touch of class to it. Though for people like me who are interested in the game but don't have 24hour accessible friends or for people who have grown up and apart from their old D&D mates, it could be something special and only possible on WiiU.

Over to you games industry...

Ark_1476d ago

Interesting idea Dubaman - Played a lot of pen and paper RPGs in the 90s. Could add some convenience indeed.

Dubaman1476d ago

PEN AND PAPER! That's it!
I kept wanting to write 'board game'. Sorry if i used any other terminology which was off base lol Though considering you use to play these type of games i'd like your opinion on something if you don't mind.

When you said pen and paper, it reminded me that this is about keeping a character and levelling them up to go on bigger and better quests. How would a veteran player feel if it were possible to use an Amiibo as your character. This is where i could use the wrong terms so be aware; imagine if you could use Mario as a Fire Mage. Wario could be Heavy, Sonic could be Scout or any other swift character and Samus as a Ranger. Hell, what if in one of the dungeons or anywhere a long the quest, Bowser is a boss and he has an army of fire breathing Yoshi's. Literally Dungeons and Dragons!
What if you could replace NPC's with Amiibo so they could remember conversations and interactions they had with you, causing them to act differently towards you as you move from quest to quest. Obviously levelling up your characters is a big part of the game too but adding to the convenience of it all, you could store your characters stats and have them level up without the fear of losing any or making a mistake. That way no matter where you are or whose friends you're playing at as long as they have a WiiU and you carry around your Amiibo you have everything you need. As far as i'm aware it's a turn based game anyway so it may even be possible for all players to make choices and actions using only one controller, while DM has the gamepad.
My heads starting to hurt a little bit now and i don't know if any of that is even possible but it seems so plausible. It doesn't even exist but i'm actually a little excited for the possibility of it.

What's your thoughts?