7 Reasons Why the Battlefield Series Still Dominates the War FPS Genre

Twinfinite's reasons to explain why ever since Battlefield 1942, the Battlefield series has dominated the war fps genre despite its own flaws and mistakes.

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Majin-vegeta1477d ago

Cuz if I get tired of gunning people down.I can switch to this.

Upbeat1477d ago

hahaha^ yeah the games never bore me, infact ive just got back into it on pc and I was wondering why I ever took a break from it, in buildings sniping and helicopters and jets and flying round and tanks blowing the walls up and im trying to run for my dear life.

Agent-861477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I have to agree with you 100% that the BF games never bore me. I continuously try other FPS games and they just can't hold up to BF, in my opinion. COD: got bored of it after MW1. Keep trying them, but the maps are just too claustrophobic. I also don't like killstreaks and they ruin the game for me. Titanfall: nice first effort, but the game got kind of boring after the first month. Too much sameness to the matches, though: kill bots (god I hate bots in a competitive MP game) and people, wait to get your Titan and battle with it as long as you can before it dies, then rinse and repeat. Halo: I'm just not that in to "arena shooters" (it just seems like an update to Unreal Tournament type games). No real teamwork, just a bunch people running/jumping around like "chickens with their heads cut off".

The key to why I think BF is superior is the teamwork. Most of the other FPS games have low player counts and teamwork is optional. As a result, they just seem full of either "Rambos" or "campers" waiting for their next killstreak reward. Most of the matches seem to have a sameness to them. Meanwhile, BF is always dynamic and every match plays out different. Even if you play on a server dedicated to one popular map, every round plays different and it keeps it exciting. My big hope is DICE can pull off Battlefront, so I can have another go to series.

Majin-vegeta1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I'm hoping Sony can have their own Battlefield with MAG 2.Just imagine 256 players,vehicles,Destruction.. I think I need new pants O_O

annoyedgamer1477d ago

Man Twinfinite really love EA...

Funantic11477d ago

They must do because Battlefield doesn't rule FPS games. BF4 is bug infested still to this day.

Volkama1476d ago

BF4 isn't my favourite FPS, because it's so vast and easy to die and I don't really find it that much fun. The breadth and scope of options is actually a bit intimidating.

But it is by far and away the most impressive FPS I have played in terms of scale, spectacle, and ambition.

urwifeminder1477d ago

Hate bf3 and 4 everything else was great.

supersonicjerry1477d ago

bf3 and 4 bore me. BFBC2 all day.

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The story is too old to be commented.