Four Things that Dragon Age Inquisition Shouldn’t Have Changed

There are some things in Inquisition Gamemoir's Ivy wishes BioWare hadn't changed from Origins.

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darx1471d ago

Enjoy the game for what it is. These negative articles are ao annoying! So much whining!

tanukisuit1471d ago

To be fair, 2 of those complains mentioned are valid (the magic and Mabaris).

anticlimax1471d ago

So raving 'best game ever' articles are okay, but valid criticisms aren't. How will gamedevelopers know in what their fans like and dislike if we don't tell them.

No pronounciation and dog issues are a bit over the top. But the AI and magi system certainly are valid.

I think it's a good thing that people protest against the continuous dumbing down of games.

Pintheshadows1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I agree a little about the magic, but the mages in this are so much fun to play as I really didn't care. I was playing as an archer on my first playthrough but spent a lot of time as Dorian and Solas.

I do like the way that they tried to make Morrigan a bit less revealing by giving her the tiniest bikini top in the world.

Anyhow, I really really (really really) liked it but I would change a few things. The angle of the lock on camera which is too tight for it to be useful. I would make the mounts faster or add a sprint button. You spend a lot of time running and the mounts made me feel a bit detached from the game world.

And I would add vultures to the trees in the western approach and hissing wastes.