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There are now hub levels which need to load for 20+ seconds just to search for the next level within them.

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jaybin1443d ago

Haha, supposedly. I can't get the game to play for more than 10 minutes without it crashing on me.

shallowpoint1443d ago

Works great on my end! I've only had trouble day 1 but none since. Hope you get it working it's really good especially the building tools!

guyman1443d ago

Funny, i've put in quite a few hours and has not crashed on me once.

tbone5671443d ago

Little Big Planet has gotten worse with each new release. Sony needs to get new developers or just dump this franchise.

jaybin1443d ago

Thanks man. I hope so too as it seems really fun in between the bsod.

swishersweets200311443d ago

Glad i only paid 17$ for this pos game. Even then i paid too much for it. It's such a disgrace they made such a pos game. LBP1 and 2 were like seals of quality. This one just crashes and never connects with other players or friends. Never again will i get another LBP if these jokers are at the helm.

TheLeapist1443d ago

I can see a foundation of a great game but there are WAY too many bugs currently.

jaybin1443d ago

For what it's worth, I'll give up my last lame bubble to say I'm using the digital copy rather than a disc version. Maybe there's a distinction?

Lulz_Boat1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

the game is amazing just like the other 2... but the story... damn.. it's so fucking short, and even bad scripted... (but i like the levels design)

Also, remember that isn't from MM, but from Sumo Digital, MM just helped a bit... and yes, it crash a lot! FIX IT!

windblowsagain1443d ago

Short Story mode.

Graphics are well done, characters are good and level design destroys the originals.

Only got stuck once and that was online.

Smooth as hell.

Maybe your PS4 has probs or HD.

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The story is too old to be commented.