Playstation Turns 20, Twitter is Hella Nostalgic

Today, the Playstation hit the big 2-0, and social media is looking back on the good times with Sony's console.

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NerdStar71477d ago

I love PlayStation. Still hard to pick my favourite out of the PS1 and PS2 though.

hkgamer1476d ago

Original PS is definitrly my favorite. But I guess I just spent more time playing it since I was younger.

Majin-vegeta1477d ago

20 years of my life well spent and here;s to another 20.

jmac531477d ago

Hella? Is the writer from NorCal?

Tempest3171477d ago

Nice to know its not just me that thought that lol...hella was part of the language when I lived there, never heard it since I moved away

Relientk771477d ago

It's crazy that its 20 years old already

time flies when you're having fun gaming

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The story is too old to be commented.