Watch some of Alien: Isolation’s second DLC, Trauma

Trauma, the second installation of Alien: Isolation‘s five DLC packs, is now available. Trauma will include three maps: “Reoperation,” “Crawl Space” and “Overrun.” To accompany the release, Creative Assembly released a gameplay video featuring members of the development team skulking around the “Reoperation” map.

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opoikl1300d ago

Lol @ 4:00

It's like he wants to say "that is just bad design, how unfair can a game get".

I loved every second of this game and actually liked that the alien drops out of different vents. Sometimes you feel hunted non-stop while other times you can just complete objectives without ever spotting the xenomorph. That's actually how I managed to beat the Last Survivor DLC after 25 deaths on hard - the alien was suddenly absent for an entire minute, just like in the movie itself. Great times.