Will Steam Streaming Take Over Twitch | Dishonored 1080p 60fps

Will Steam Streaming Overtake Twitch Or Hitbox? Enjoy the 1080p 60fps (Sixty Frames Per Second) PC gameplay of Dishonored.

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Father Murder X1475d ago

I am still waiting on those steam machines that are suppose to change the gaming industry forever.

Bodge1475d ago

Honestly I think it can, if they can make it where you literally can't build a PC that's cheaper and stronger than a steam machine then they got something special.

Truthandreason1475d ago

looks like they are heavily investing into the software experience side (which is rightfully needed to attract the mainstream console audience). Steam will have to be a do it all tool, despite the fact that many services already offer good functionality, steam is obviously baking everything they can into their Steam Client, so that those who are terrified of doing anything on PC that involves multitasking can just do everything through steam with a button press or two.

Yetter1475d ago

If anyone can its valve

ATi_Elite1475d ago

Takeover who cares? The important thing is that Steam Stream will be full of PC Gamers thus making it even easier for the pc gaming community to share information.

DLConspiracy1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Too many restrictions on the cussing and what you say. Twitch offers you a age restriction button for the viewer to push releasing you of any blame on age restricted conversation or game content. Not sure how well that's going to work. I know I can't help but cuss on my stream.

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