Red light of death fix! Is there anything brazillians can't do

This video depicts a poor, unfortunate man in Brazil whose Xbox 360 has decided to go the way of Sinatra. Not giving up hope, he found an ingenious way to fix the problem.

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DreDawgg064401d ago

Thats nothing...Russians Fix ALL their problems like that...Women,cars,tvs,VCRs...E TC...

andy capps4401d ago

Hahahaha! Best post in a while on here. Nice fix, I bet he's one of the only people who had the guts to hit his Xbox 360 after the red lights of death. Then again, after you try everything, I guess it wouldn't to just hit it a little and see if it helps. :)

willud4skins4401d ago

umm what does he do? its totally dark. silly brazilians

Boink4401d ago

he smacks it 3-4 times

Venom4401d ago

Hey, I have that technique copyrighted! :P Used to work magic on my PS2 and original xbox, lol.

nicodemus4401d ago

that'll smack some sense into it!

MicroGamer4401d ago

hit it. If it still doesn't work, hit it again until it does work. I was half expecting this to be a joke vid posted by a Sony fanboy where the dude pulls out a shotgun and blasts the 360 to bits.

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The story is too old to be commented.