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Arcade Sushi:
"For a game called Assassin’s Creed “Unity,” this title sure deviates from the rest of its brotherhood (some pun intended), by probably being the buggiest, most frustrating iteration in the bunch. That spot was reserved for Liberation on the Vita, based on controls and framerate alone, but at least Aveline’s story was still pretty fun to play. With Arno Dorian’s turn in Unity, we get a maddening mix of wonky controls, in-game monetization of skills that were series staples and the most frightening glitches this side of the Seine.

With the French Revolution as a backdrop, we’re thrust into the now familiar struggle between the Assassin Brotherhood and the Templar Order, relived thanks to genetic memories that have been turned into a virtual reality playground by the entertainment division of Abstergo. Your character is tapped by the Assassins to help them learn how Arno Dorian came across a Sage during his life, so you get to live out the Frenchman’s memories within the machine."

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