Seriously? My 7-Year Old Son is Kicking My Ass at Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Richard of writes "The thing is I don’t know if his winning luck is attributed to him actually having really good SSB skills or him just button mashing and getting really lucky to beat the hell out of us. I have heard that SSB is 'either the most precise fighting game of all time or a mindless button masher than an angry chimp with stump hands can play… or both?' from the Smosh Games Brutal Honest Game Trailer on their YouTube channel… yet I am really inclined to agree with their assessment of the series; and I am just realizing that my son is proof of that. Mind you, none of us are competitive SSB players, but surely our gaming skills are sharper than that of 7-year old. Here, let me explain to you his fighting style for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and then you can decide for yourself."

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XboxOneX1471d ago

You need to get good at the game.

traumadisaster1471d ago

My 5-7 yo can beat me about half the time on the wii. They play couple time a month I play couple times per year. Same with the mario kart game. Lil jokers get mad when I win!

ChickeyCantor1470d ago

IF they give you shit just punch em in the stomach. Works every time.

joab7771471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

My 4 yr old nephew beat the Legos game almost entirely by himself. He needed help with a few puzzles, bit it literally blew my mind. He even uses youtube to watch videos to help, though I have to bring them up.

His hands are not even big enough for the controller, I handed him AC:Unity and when I got home from work and turned it on, he had made me like 15,000 Libre and a ton of creed points....and opened all the sync points. Crazy! He is almost 5 though.

3-4-51471d ago

Getting good is overrated.


Arcee1470d ago

As much as I may complain at the time that he beats me, it is good to see him getting better at games. Really, it is all about having fun with him.

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Paprika1471d ago

Time to hang up the old boots. New generation is coming.... and they're pro! Lol

Arcee1470d ago

I never thought at 36 I would be considered an old man. LOL

Jag-T10001471d ago

Its called button mashing.

Hoffmann1471d ago

But who is worse?

The button masher "noob" who wins or the "experienced" player who is not able to counter the button mashing? :P

caseh1471d ago

"The button masher "noob" who wins or the "experienced" player who is not able to counter the button mashing?"

That is the enduring debate, who is the noob? The person who exploits winning tactics or the player who can't adapt to the 'cheap' exploits.

A good player tends to beat themselves up for the loss rather than blaming the opponent for cheap shenanigans.

Arcee1470d ago

Really though, I am happy just playing with him. I'd be happier if I could beat him more often, but I really am just having fun playing games with him.

Angeljuice1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Get your son to play the mode with the bug that bricks your console, no more beatings, problem solved.

1471d ago
Monster_Tard1471d ago

It wasn't a mode that brought up the error or solely because of the Smash Bros game, it has occurred with plenty of other games on the console, it's due to a faulty internal flash chip found in a few consoles.

Arcee1470d ago

Ha! That would be mean. That or Meta Knight. But using Meta Knight would just be a douche move.

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