An hour of Halo 5 multiplayer: an analysis

Pixel Dynamo takes a look at an hour of Halo 5 multiplayer beta, and wonders whether the series might be taking a turn from its roots.

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Paytaa1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

All I know is that I haven't been this excited for Halo since before Halo 3 came out. I'm really loving that 343 has shown what Halo should look and play like in 2015. It shows evolution to the existing formula but stays true to the roots. In my opinion this is the direction it should take and that 343 is doing a stellar job.

gangsta_red1412d ago

I don't mind sprint, in fact I welcome it. Playing the old Halo's just felt slow and sluggish. I mean in all honesty why wouldn't a marine know how to sprint?

Septic1412d ago

Probably because he's weighed down by armour that weighs as much as a tank. Or Gabe Newell.

mhunterjr1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

The heavy armor hasn't stopped him from being able to jump 8ft into the air like it's nothing, or flip armored jeeps like tonka toys. There's really no reason he shouldn't be able to Sprint. As long as it and the other Spartan abilities are balanced well all will be fine..

Septic1412d ago

Yeah no I agree with the sprint mechanic. I was just making a joke...a very bad one at that.

I'll grab my coat...

Illusive_Man1412d ago

All I have to say is that this looks glorious. The Halo 2 diehards probably aren't going to like it but who cares.

Glorious! I cannot wait. Day One.

Paytaa1412d ago

Well pros like Snip3down, Tsquared, Bravo, and Ghostayame all said that it feels great and plays at times even more competitively than Halo 3 so I don't think the old timers (myself included) will knock it. It takes the best elements from past Halo's and combines them into Halo 5. I'm very confident that this will be the next Halo that in 5 years people will say, "Remember the Halo 5 days?"

Jonny5isalive1412d ago

It looks like halo to me. It looks like alot of fun, I like the new sound fx.

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The story is too old to be commented.