Could this be a teaser for a new Crash Bandicoot?

PlayStation Europe tweeted

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Relientk771272d ago

Crash Bandicoot PS4. Please make it happen.

pedrof931272d ago

If I had to choose, I would rather have new a Jak N Daxter.

breakpad1272d ago

for f*k sake DO NOT LET Craptivision do it..Sony buy it and release it exclusive only

HOLDERofFOOD1272d ago

I know they're from different origins, but I always compared these games so I'd say I would rather have a new (actually good) Spyro!

nX1272d ago

I only want another Crash from Sony... I don't trust Activision enough for such a project.

noctis_lumia1272d ago

jak n daxter is all about naughty dog
crash needs to buy the rights back

sony needs its mascot back !!!

bouzebbal1272d ago

i don't want any Crash game if it's activision making it.

Gamer19821272d ago

Crash generation was amazing we had plenty of characters in the PS universe crash, spyro, gex, parappa etc.. all these icons of playstation are what made the playstation 1 iconic and helps made the ps2 the highest selling console of all time. Then Sony and 3rd partys gave up on them and Activision turned spyro into skylanders and scrapped the original game.

garrettbobbyferguson1271d ago

Modern Naughty Dog has no interest in Jak and Daxter. And if they do, it'll be a third person linear shooter. Not a great platformer like the original.

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killacal131272d ago

I really wish for a Dark Cloud, but anything that is good from the past is welcome in my book.

killacal131272d ago

Also, am I the only person hoping for a Final Fantasy Tactics remake or sequel?

DragonKnight1272d ago

No, you are not the only one. I want a Final Fantasy Tactics remake that you play like Valkyria Chronicles, and a sequel that has nothing to do with the B.S. FFTactics Advance series.

addictedtochaos1272d ago

Agreed, Sony really needs to revisit some of its dormant franchises.

fluffydelusions1272d ago

The most impressive thing about this is no one has disagreed with you (yet) lol.

aPerson1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Background image is from a fangame called Crystals Wrath:


(not the exact image I posted though)

KonaSquid1272d ago

It wold be amazing on the Knack engine :3

HammadTheBeast1272d ago

Doesn't seem like a teaser for a new one. It's the 20 year anniversary, so they could just be nostalgic about the PS1'd biggest mascot.

-Foxtrot1272d ago

That last transformation to the Crash with the "tattoos"....WHO ARE YOU



Rydro1272d ago

It would be perfect on Vita as well.

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AngelicIceDiamond1272d ago


Move over Knack the king shall arrive shortly.

Immorals1272d ago

Don't think knack has to move over for anything in the 'dead and forgotten' pile..

gunnerforlife1272d ago

It's sold over a million copies!probably will hit 2 or 3 lifetime, guaranteed a sequel that will have a bigger budget = better game!

jspsc1231272d ago

it sold because when the ps4 came out you had to buy a bundle to get one. stores werent just selling ps4s by themselvs

GdaTyler1272d ago

Was the pun intended?

Iltapalanyymi1272d ago

ohhhhhh this and the FFVII tweets were too much! im really hyped right now!

OB1Biker1272d ago

PS has been tweeting a lot related to 20y anniversary memories and stuff.. doesnt mean much

killacal131272d ago

Are there any tweets about FFVII?

360ICE1272d ago

Hi, guys!

Just wanted to tell you that no it's not.

It's a memory that PlayStation remembers fondly now that their 20th birthday is right around the corner. Of course, that'd make for less of an eye-grabbing title.

Is it possible that we'll see a new Crash come PlayStation Experience? Yes. But a namedrop isn't a teaser. This would be a teaser:

"Think we'll see this guy again?" or "Crash has been lying dormant for twenty years, and boy is he angry"

LightDiego1272d ago

Please, make it happen, a new Crash Bandicoot and the remake of the original trilogy would be a dream.

TWB1272d ago

Remake should be a no-brainer, I wonder why nobody/activision hasnt done it yet.

Though I would still throw in CTR as its the last Crash game done by ND.

Also new Spyro or Spyro HD trilogy would be fantastic too. I have been always more in the Spyro camp.