Steam Broadcasting Enters Beta

Want to show off? Invite a friend to watch your game. Friend stuck on a level? Watch and give them live pointers.

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NerdStar71447d ago

Steam is PC gaming. PC gaming is Steam.

freshslicepizza1446d ago

how is steam able to keep adding features and remain free while sony and microsoft feel they have to charge?

Maxor1446d ago

This is one of the reasons why Steam has such rabid fanboys. When they're not innovating, they would quickly close the gap on features that other platforms has. Despite being an inferior paid digital service, the PSN do have a thriving streaming community build into its service. There's no need to launch a separate Twitch app or anything, the functionality is build into platform. Very next generation, very cool.

1 year after the launch of the PS4, Steam offers native streaming. No wonder they absolutely own PC gaming. Nothing get pass Valve for long.

Oschino19071446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Guessing you haven't heard of "Live from PlayStation". Shouldn't speak about things you clearly know very little about.

You don't need to pay anything to watch other people stream on PSN and it can be done with the free PS app also on other devices.

Been able to do it since last year and developers can add ability to interact with the game the person is streaming (Tomb Raider:DE, Dead Nation, etc...).

Try harder.

XtraTrstrL1446d ago

Because MS/Sony just want to make as much $$$ as possible off us. That's why games cost so much more on consoles also, and digital versions prices we won't even discuss the margin of difference. PS4's PSN doesn't even have a properly functioning messaging system, just sad. It takes like 10+ minutes for you to receive a message someone has sent you. Then, going into messages to check, it always takes almost a full minute of the wait circle spinning before it loads whatever it knows is in the box already. There's no free messaging system that works worse than this that I know of. Yet Sony felt it was the time to start charging for online play - basically jumping on the MS bandwagon because they were in the negative outside of their gaming departments.

FlameBaitGod1446d ago

Its cleaner in steam too, you just go to the game you want(or friend) and see whose streaming playing that certain game. You can chat with other people who are watching too.

freshslicepizza1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )


regardless if live from playstation is free or not its still a very valid question, why can steam still operate a fully functional online service and improve it with features while being free? i also know psn is free on the ps3 since i own the damn thing but they now require a paid membership much like xbox live just to play online for ps4 owners.

i also use steam and it is very good. the only downside if there is one is not every game works through steam because they don't have every game and they also compete with other services like origin.

if anything both microsoft and sony need to try harder and not force gamers behind a paywall. give us a choice and we wouldn't be seeing a 400% increase in plus memberships now would we? didnt think so.

Oschino19071446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

So your comment was clearly only interned to go off topic and take a jab at consoles.

Your pm to me doesn't even address that you were wrong and trolling, it's just a rant about consoles and how great Steam is.

From: moldybread
"try harder?
steam is trying harder as we can all see and they are doing it while maintaining a free membership. you actually think sony would be marvelling about how plus memberships increased by 400% if it werent for the fact they now have online gaming behind the psn plus paywall (for ps4 owners)?

so as you can see sony doesn't need to try harder do they? if they made it optional like they do on the ps3 and vita it would give consumers the choice and decide whether sony is trying hard enough or not. but then again this is the same company who refused ea access and once again not allow its community to decide on their own free will whats beneficial to them. try harder? please do."

You can play any free to play games online without plus and get get 70+ games a year with PS+s along with other features still not used by Steam.

Steam as you said doesn't have every game, well on PS I can chat, stream, share, watch, etc... On one service.

Also the ability to share digital games with a friend by allowing usage of content on any 2 (or more in some cases) devices simultaneously.

You bring up EA access when Steam has no EA games at all. Smh... What are you trying to prove?

I have not and am not trying to claim Steam is a bad service in any way but you sure seem dead set on trying to demonize PS and Xbox.

You realize though overall Sony offers way more services and content outside of just gaming that Steam can only dream of at this point.

Why not just be happy about it and not use this feature as a launching point for your ignorant negativity.

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hiredhelp1447d ago

This great for me my mate always buying games telling me about them this way i can watch him decide if its for me or not.

tlougotg1446d ago

Good for steam but been doing tht on Ps4 since day one and love it.

s45gr321446d ago

Ok,guess Steam didn't want to be left behind. So basically Valve made it easier for PC gamers to broadcast their games. Instead of using twitch tv, youtube, or Skype ;just use steam broadcast feature. Now how is Steam known as a storefront as opposed to a gaming service that I do not know.

Pandamobile1446d ago

Yeah and streaming PC games has been around for half a decade. Now it's just that much easier.