“The Game Awards” Could Raise the Bar for Gaming Award Shows… and Here’s How it Can Happen

With Spike not attached to it, "The Game Awards" could be great... if producer Geoff Keighley plays his cards right.

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Big_Game_Hunters1477d ago

I really do hope so, We could use two E3's. Plus the PS experience ,jump festa and probably a Nintendo Direct in January the next few weeks can be a huge information blowout.

PS4isKing_821476d ago

Where can we see the award show? Tv? Online?

MegaSackman1476d ago

The Play Viewer App on PS systems will be streaming it.

That's just one source though.

Roccetarius1476d ago

I still think this is going to be cringeworthy, but hopefully not as much as last time.

wiggles1476d ago

It certainly can't get any worse...right?

BillytheBarbarian1476d ago

Hopefully a little more Emmy and a lot less Mtv. Can still be classy and funny/entertaining.

Anonagrog1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Why do game award shows tend so far towards 'casual'? It's always seems overly-oriented to the public and advertisements rather than the recognition of the years of hard work industry professionals have often put in. I've always considered the 'BAFTA Game Awards' to be a much classier affair that treats the devs with some hopefully much deserved glitz and glamor. It's subjective matter of course, so there we go I suppose.