Phil Comments On Microsoft All Stars Battle Royale, No Scalebound At TGAs, Great Black Friday Sales

Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer talks about "Great" Xbox One Black Friday sales, explains why Xbox One exclusive Scalebound from Platinum Games won't appear at Game Awards 2014, characters of Microsoft in Microsoft All Stars Battle Royale (fan art) and partnership with Epic Games for the Samaritan concept powered by Unreal Engine 4 for Xbox One

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AngelicIceDiamond1447d ago

If MS teamed up with Epic to make a game out of that Samaritan tech demo and announced it at E3 that would be the bomb.

christocolus1446d ago

That would be great. i bet they've discussed it already.

AskYourMumGaming1447d ago

Shame about no new Scalebound footage, but the reason is understandable.

AngelicIceDiamond1447d ago

Yeah, at the moment the teams hard at work with ScaleBound. Wanna make sure that's a banger.

gangsta_red1447d ago

Replace Deadrising 3, with a Battletoad...

Anyways a All Star Rumble is a terrible idea, both SOny and MS don't really have the IP's that mesh together so well as Nintendo does.

If anything a Kart game is what MS really needs. A Conker or Banjo themed Kart racing game with Rare characters is what I would really want to see, throw Blinx in there as well for the added mascot power.

Volkama1447d ago

Their idea is terrible, but your idea is equally terrible.

Sorry :)

gangsta_red1446d ago

You wouldn't want a Rare themed Kart racing game?

I'm hurt, Volkama....*throws head in hands*

Halo2ODST21446d ago

Why is Master Chief still wearing that Magical armour, shouldn't it have been fixed by now

Dramacydal1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

An Xbox "All Stars" or "Smash" would have the lamest roster of fighters, ever. "Clay Fighters" is even shaking its head and laughing.

EDIT: @Eonjay - Probably. Games like this work if the bench is deep. Very deep. MS just ain't there yet.

Eonjay1447d ago

Am I the only one who thinks that this would be awesome. Each console needs a mash up like this.

Provolone241447d ago

Yes, yes you are the only one who thinks a Microsoft all-stars game would be awesome.

jspsc1231446d ago

i thought that was a good idea until ps all stars came out. just stick with smash.

Tedakin1447d ago

Not sure Xbox has enough people to make a full All-Star roster. If you want to play an Xbox exclusive fighter, Killer Instinct. That joint is awesome.

Outthink_The_Room1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

They had like 20 characters in the menu mockup and that didn't include obvious 3rd party characters.

Splinter Cell
Sunset Overdrive

They could easily fill out a roster of 35+ fighters. Didn't PS All Stars have like 30 fighters including 3rd party? I definitely think it's doable, but MS would have to put in some characters that aren't very well known, like Blinx or Voodoo Vince.

In my opinion, it's not so much about not having enough people to fill out a roster. It's about the amount of FAMOUS CHARACTERS to fill out a roster.

Nintendo is basically all mascot based, while Sony and MS have moved away from that space. How many PS gamers are big into Fat Princess or Parappa? Or how many MS gamers are clamoring for Voodoo Vince or Blinx?

Mascots work for Nintendo, which is why Smash makes sense, plus that game came out 15 years ago. So it's correct to keep those iconic characters in place whereas MS and Sony are trying to recapture the nostalgia factor with forgotten characters.

Very different circumstances in this day and age.

Spotie1446d ago

All Stars was INCLUDING third parties, not MOSTLY.

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