Kingdom Hearts 3 Could Feature Star Wars and Marvel

The co-director and game designer on Kingdom Hearts 3 Tai Yasue in an interview with Kotaku stated that it is possible to have other Disney IPs in Kingdom Hearts 3. That includes Star Wars and Marvel characters and levels.

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DarkOcelet1327d ago

A light saber keyblade would look cool. And a fight with Vader would be awesome.

bouzebbal1327d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 Could Feature Star Wars and Marvel

...and Lara Croft as well.

Good if true

GokuSolosAll1327d ago

There's enough Disney as it is. Give Square-Enix IP some spotlight.

Chrono Ttigger, please...if not a sequel, give us this.

jambola1327d ago

If they do decide to have it, at least keep it as a one off boss fight or something.

Psytrix1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Just give me the 'Kingdom Hearts Ultimate mix', including all the remastered games and Kingdoms Hearts III for PS4 and I'll be a happy man.

Summons751327d ago

I really hope not. Kingdom Hearts is best when using the Disney cartoons we grew up with. Look at Tron, worst addition ever, why? Because the movies were live action, same with Star Wars and Marvel. Plus it would be awkward when our medieval-esque Final Fantasy characters are running around with swords while Iron Man is flying around shooting lasers.

DragonKnight1327d ago

That's why Wolverine would be the hero for Marvel. You know you want a keyblade named Weapon X. Come on, admit it.

jambola1327d ago

I agree.
even though i think there are some marvel characters that could work, it's also likely they wouldn't only include them
we'd probably have spiderman and iron man in it too, and i really don't want that

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The story is too old to be commented.