The Game Awards 2014: Everything You Need to Know

Geoff Keighley is a pretty familiar face in the games industry, especially on the media side of things. He's been in GameTrailers TV, VGX, Spike TV's VGA and GTTV to name but a few.

Well now he has a new project up his sleeve and the whole industry is already behind it. Called "The Game Awards" it's there as an independent celebration of the games industry.

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optimus1471d ago

The article implies as this being something new. I take it spikeTV still owns the rights to the videogame awards and since this won't be shown on spike they had to change the name? If that is the case then that geoff keighley is a bad negotiator if he had to give up the name to spikeTV...

anyhow the game awards is a stupid name if it's all about videogames. The game awards sounds too generic and could include all types of games, from board games and on...well, as it is, judging from the nominees, it looks to me like it's going to be a dull award show looking for hits since it'll only be online...good luck with that.