Crytek Pulls Plug On Xbox 360 Version Of Warface After Less Than A Year

Well, that didn’t last very long. Crytek is putting its free-to-play military shooter out to pasture on Xbox 360 after less than a year.

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dreamed1385d ago

Who cares its complete shovelware cod wannabe,fps,done to death!!!!

gangsta_red1385d ago

Yea, I tried it and it just validated how I feel about a lot of F2P games. Uninspired, cash grab with the least amount of design and work going in. More emphasis was on getting the user to pay than the actual gameplay which was a lag fest.

ninjahunter1385d ago

Hopefully it has improved since i played it in early beta. It was very bad at the time.

Funantic11385d ago

Warface is as bad as Blacklight.

OutcastMosquito1384d ago

Blacklight is trash on PS4...

Moldiver1384d ago

Blacklight is trash on PC, too. Just because something is free, doesnt excuse it for being boring. same applies to warface, warframe and war thunder.

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