The Crew Review in Progress

IGN - The Crew really is an immense game. After an eight-or-so hour stint The Crew has taken me from Detroit to St. Louis, and then from Chicago to New York City (with a fly-in, fly-out day trip to Vegas for a brief rally raid race in between). The bulk of The Crew’s compressed continental US remains greyed-out and unexplored and the sections of the Midwest and the East Coast that I have unlocked are already filled with an almost intimidating amount of racing and challenge content.

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uth111324d ago

"To be fair, however, for the vast majority of the day The Crew was very much working entirely as advertised. It seems almost absurd to have to underscore the fact a game actually functions as intended as a highlight but, after several high-profile debacles, it's sadly relevant. Perhaps The Crew might be proof there’s no such thing as too much beta testing."

It works as intended? GOTY! :P

Ezz20131324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

So you buy a game only to pay more to unlock most of it stuff ?!

GOTY confirmed

BTW am i the only one who get sick of IGN and their BS Review in Progress ?!
i mean what the damn point ?!...oh MOAR CLICKZ

LightofDarkness1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

It means they didn't receive a review copy in enough time to review the game before launch and are informing their readers that they're working on it. It might not mean much to you, but I'm sure their loyal readers appreciate it. They're simply fulfilling what they feel is an obligation to their readers; I for one would appreciate knowing that the game seems to work as advertised considering recent circumstances.

Not everything they do is purely fuelled by greed and conspiracy.

Perjoss1323d ago

If Ubi didn't send out review copies 1 day before launch then IGN wouldn't have to rush this out for gamers.

Exies71323d ago

The reviews in progress are definitely off-putting, but for the most part they do this because they aren't able to experience the full game in an entire day.

I blame embargos for reviews in progress, for the most part.

Hoffmann1323d ago

Still waiting for Project: Cars...nuff said.

Exies71323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Really getting sick of embargos. I 'get' that we, as the consumers, don't need these titles day 1 but having an embargo this close to release feels like a company lacks confidence in their product.

I wasn't impressed with the Beta. Though granted, I didn't play it for very long and may not have given it enough of a chance to see its high points. But my impressions of the game were not positive and I hope a solid racing title comes to PS4 soon. I really do.

BattleTorn1322d ago

I love the variation in locations! And the open-world map is impressive.

in-game graphics, not so much.