Secret Ponchos Gets PS4 Launch Trailer; Free on PlayStation Plus Today

Switchblade Monkeys wild west PvP Shooter Secret Ponchos releases on PS4 today, free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and the developer threw in a lovely launch trailer into the mix.

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pivotplease1238d ago

This looks pretty awesome actually. It's a shame PS Plus has already buried me beneath an insurmountable backlog.

blackblades1238d ago

IKR, The latest jrpgs, $5 flash sales and ps+ games is keeping my ps3 gaming alive.

Muzikguy1238d ago

Considering I've only beaten 2 of the Plus games so far on the PS4.... Yeah, that backlog will just keep growing!

Downloading this from the app right now! :)

blackblades1238d ago

While i'm taking care of business on ps3, a backlog was started on the ps4.

Emrage1238d ago

It's not even on the store here in europe

Angeljuice1238d ago

It actually looks better than I expected, not bad for a free game.

Relientk771238d ago

Can't wait to download this

matrixman921238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

when do these usually go up? I just checked maybe 20 minutes ago and didnt see any new ps+ games

kurruptor1238d ago

Not until the evening usually. 6-8 eastern on average.

badz1491238d ago

looks really cool. I like games like this, Dead Nation comes to mind. will it be free for PS+ worldwide or just the US?

the_dark_one1238d ago

yes worldwide as in US EU and JP

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The story is too old to be commented.