Grand Theft Auto V: First Person Review | Power Up Gaming

Jamaal Ryan writes: "Coincidentally, today GTA V feels like it was meant for current gen hardware, a proper realization of the technical colossus that was just too overbearing for last gen to completely process. Los Santos and Blaine County feel bigger, denser, and more convincing than before. Models and textures are sharper, smaller graphic designed details are easily distinguishable, and the performance – from its frame rate to the massive draw distance – is nearly flawless. All of this increased fidelity may make GTA V look like an 'as you remember it' remastering from a familiar perspective, but it all feels in complete service of being viewed from the first person.

With a simple button press that cycles through the different camera settings, you can pull the view from over the shoulder to first person. And while on paper it sounds like just another viewing option, in reality, it fundamentally changes the GTA experience."

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