PS3 Memory Card Adapter: Kinda Kludgy

Funny that of all the various ports included on the PlayStation 3's front, not one of them is for the PS1 and PS2 memory cards. If you want to use your saved games on the PS3, you need to buy a $14.99 USB adapter.

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dfb19774398d ago

Once the cards are copied its of no use. Why didn't they just put a slot in the machine or put the software in so you can hook up your PS2 by USB to copy the saves over? Surely a cheaper alternative for their customers. I'm from the UK and I really want a PS3 in March. This sort of thing makes me question Sony and their attitude to customers. Looks like a money maker to me.

Alymon4398d ago

I have to agree that it is a litle odd that you need a seperate adapter for PS1 & PS2 memory cards. Seems more like it was left out on purpose to generate more revenue.

But on the same note, the 360 didn't have any way of copying xbox (original) saves to the 360. But it also was touted as being 100% backwards compatible.

AuburnTiger4398d ago

Your absolutely right, the fact that the PS3 can only play 7800 games out of 8000 is totally unacceptable.

billybob4398d ago

i never heard anyone say that the 360 would be 100% backwards compatible, i would like to know where you heard that

lalaland4398d ago

MS never ever stated that the X360 would be 100% backwards compatible, but only for "top selling games" -- for some reason that didn't include all the topsellers, but that is an entirely different story.

MicroGamer4398d ago

we forgot to put a PS1/2 mem card slot in. No problem, we'll just charge the punters extra for it.

AuburnTiger4398d ago

That's about as smart as making people buy the recharger for the controller.

MicroGamer4398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )

doesn't bother me. I already had a AA recharger and a bunch of ni-cads for my digital camera. I just use them. Besides, you can still buy normal batteries if you need them. It's not like some other sh1tty piece of equipment I could mention *cough* iPod *cough*, where you have to send the thing back to Apple for service to replace the batteries when they die and can't be recharged anymore. Apple also charges you extra for a AC adapter or else you have to leave your computer on to recharge it via USB, which wastes electricity. I hope Zune kicks iPods a$$. So back to the topic, you don't need to have the recharger packed with the 360 because a lot of people won't be using Microsoft's rechargeable powerpack because conventional batteries work and so do other rechargeable batteries.

gsquad4397d ago

I hope it fails but, does well enough to make Apple stay competitive and add new/better features. I even hope that they rethink some of there battery and store/itune polices. I say that cause M$ is already trying to get a monopoly on everything that it touches. The already have one on computers, and now they are trying to get Game consoles and mp3 music. What’s next? Handheld games? Look, I am all for competition but when a big company like M$ starts flinging money all around just cause they can I feel like we the consumer are the ones that pay for it.

Did you know, Zune will be paying royalties to the music industry for each Zune sold not just the music sold in the store? Who do you think will fit the bill on that one in the long run, not M$ I can say that!

As for the Ps2 to Ps3 memory adapter, I think its straight. At least you can move you files. X360 you couldn’t, that sucks!

If you need it, buy it.
If you don’t, don’t buy it.

It’s about choice remember!

Jump in and Welcom3 Chang3

THAMMER14398d ago

Just owned StarCraftRocks LOL great stuff

AuburnTiger4398d ago

You must be like 12 or something. There was nothing offensive at all about MicroGamer's comment. As always your just trying to start some kind of pathetic flame war, which also explains why you have 4 bubbles.

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