Astebreed Creator “Really Grateful” to Sony for PS4 Release, Wants to Make an Action Game Next

The independent shooter Astebreed is really a great game, and today the creator, who goes by the nickname “Nal” was a guest on ImagineNation on the NHK World TV channel.

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Volkama1322d ago

Well-rated game, both critic reviews and user reviews. Don't think it's still on the Steam sale though, at least not for the UK.

Khronikos1322d ago

Awesome. Sony knows where the good stuff is and it clearly shows. This is a little known game even on Steam. Highly recommended in the shmup style genre.

crashbash1322d ago

Bought it on Steam back in June, it's a great little game.

theshredded1322d ago

humble guy,we need more devs like him