Xbox One Was The Second Most Searched Term On Bing Under Devices In 2014, PS4 Not In Top 10

Microsoft's search engine Bing has just published their most searched terms of 2014.

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eezo1328d ago

Something Fishy HERE: it must be noted that Bing is owned by Microsoft?

gameseveryday1328d ago

I don't think they will manipulate search results. I don't think Microsoft has anything to gain by doing that.

uptownsoul1328d ago

@Rashid Sayed

Your correct…But since Bing is so much smaller than google, it isn't too far fetched to believe that people that use Microsoft's search engine would have a higher likelihood of looking up Microsoft products

Godmars2901328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Would they need to when Bing is default on MS consoles?

How doesn't this come off as self serving?

Angeljuice1328d ago

They already have manipulated the search results previously for Xbone on Bing, I don't think Microsoft would have any qualms about doing it again.

Naga1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

There's nothing "fishy" about it. It's just simple, unremarkable correlation.

I'll bet Windows devices beat out Android devices on Bing, and vice versa with Google. Consumers within a particular software ecosystem are more inclined to look in particular directions for their solutions. Simple as that.

DigitalRaptor1328d ago

Nothing fishy at all….

The less popular console is more popular on the less popular search engine. Sounds about right to me.

Death1328d ago

Define popular? Which console is more popular to Bing users? Which console launches Bing from the UI? What do you think Xbox One owners are searching for when using Bing on the Xbox One? What sounds about right is Microsoft Xbox One owners are using Microsoft's Bing to search for Xbox related content while using their Xbox One.

DigitalRaptor1328d ago

Death… c'mon there's no need to tear everything apart in search of fault.

Xbox One vs. PS4 - which is more popular?
Google vs. Bing - which is more popular?

I never mentioned anything about which engine was being used by which console or users of that console. I also never said anything incorrect.

Death1328d ago

You implied the results are altered. I pointed out the Xbox One is using Bing as it's search engine. Anytime you search for something Xbox related on the console it's a hit for Bing. Bing is also a Microsoft search engine. The chances of Xbox owners using Bing is pretty high. Bing is also the default for Windows based PC's and the incredibly insignificant marketshare Windows phone occupies. Bing is most likely the more popular search engine for Microsoft customers that are also more likely interested in Xbox One which is why the results are what they are.

We can bring sales into the argument if you like. If the stories we have seen are reasonably close to accurate the Xbox One is seeing more activity than PS4 in some markets. It's very possible these sales resulted from people researching "Xbox One" online. I know when I bought my kid an Xbox last month I searched for the best deal first. The search engine was Bing since I don't really care enough to have changed it from the default.

DigitalRaptor1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

It's hilarious that you think you know my implications better than I know myself.

There was no hint of sarcasm in my comment. I was simply pointing out that both Microsoft products were not the most popular in their corresponding areas, so it made sense. It was more of a bit of stealth trolling if you want to call it that. My tin foil hat isn't THAT shiny. Keep telling me what I was implying though, you couldn't be further from the mark.

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mcstorm1328d ago

It also depends on how you look at it as things like siri and Facebook use Bing for its search results so it all depends on how the data is collected to how the results should pan out.

Volkama1328d ago

Facebook too? Man, Bing is bigger than I realised.

mcstorm1328d ago

Yeah bing is used by a lot of things see even yahoo is bing in the background. For me I switched to bing a few years ago as I found the results to be better but that is down to the person. Windows 8.1 also uses bing built in for searches and windows 10 will also do the same. Cortland is also using bing too.

rainslacker1328d ago

Bing is easy to integrate into software through a Visual studio SDK. It has mapping software, search functions, etc. It's not a bad service, it's just not as popular as google, and people use it for a lot of things without even realizing it.

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MatthewMk21328d ago

How about if search data for "PS4" and "Playstation 4" are combined?

Anyway, this is just Bing. Google Trends shows both PS4 and Playstation 4 beat Xbox One quite a bit in search volume.

jrshankill1328d ago

That's like saying "what if the search data had Xbox1, Xbox 1, Xbone, XboxOne and Xbox One" combined

Godz Kastro1328d ago

With price cuts, change of leadership and solid exclusives the X1 reinvented itself. I see why people would search it out.

Spotie1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Those silver linings, man. Even when they're not there, you guys are still looking for em.

I guess it goes right over your head that this is Bing, a rather unpopular search engine that also happens to be the default engine for the XB1(and probably the 360, as well). Tell me, where does Bing rank among search engines?

Man, you guys are silly.

Edit: I'll give you number two. But let's get a little more recent, and a little more detailed, shall we?

See that difference between #1 and #2? Pretty much a 3:1 ratio. In fact, you'd have to add up the visitors for 2-5 to just barely surpass Google's numbers.

Tell me again how I'm the one that looks silly?

Godz Kastro1328d ago

@death... You didnt have to do Spotie like that, LOL!

gangsta_red1328d ago

@ Death

Ouch... I love how Spotie tried to use the term silly, that backfire is sweet.

Once again a known sony troll shut down because he can't stand to see any positive comments or stories about the X1.

gangsta_red1327d ago

So now we have to get technical and start looking at numbers Spotie? Lol!

Doesn't matter, the FACT is Bing is the second most used search engine. Death answered your question exactly how you asked it, where does Bing rank among search engines? Second.

You were hoping in a fun filled troll attempt that it would be embarrassing low on any list of top search engines and your trolling attempt failed horribly.

You have gone past silly into the realm of just pathetic trying to spin your fail into a "lets look at numbers now...please" attempt.

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josephayal1328d ago

nothing can stop the X1, Nothing

ger23961328d ago

Except when the price goes back up to pre black Friday. Unless it becomes a permanent price drop.

Death1328d ago

The $50 price cut goes into January. I'd say it's a safe bet Microsoft will make the cut permanent in a press release in January saying it is due to the overwhelming positive response or something similar.

Volkama1328d ago

I had a powercut the other day. That sure as hell stopped mine :|