Xbox One Was The Second Most Searched Term On Bing Under Devices In 2014, PS4 Not In Top 10

Microsoft's search engine Bing has just published their most searched terms of 2014.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1081d ago

Good for Bing. What about Google?

ShugaCane1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

If PS4 had been officially stated as Number One search term on "Microsoft's search engine", I would have been greatly surprised lol

uptownsoul1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Thanks for stating who owns the search engine… People that specifically go to Microsoft's search engine will probably look up Microsoft devices far more often than people who go to search engines not owned by Microsoft

Naga1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

I'd be really interested to see how the demographic splits between Google and Bing. I think it could be really fascinating to see how the interests which drive console preference are realized in other hardware and software choices.
Do PS4 users prefer Android over Apple and Windows Phone? Is it different for Xbox users? Is there a demographic split in preference for web browsers like Firefox or Chrome... or IE? I'd follow that white rabbit.

Concertoine1081d ago


Does there exist universal microsoft fans? Like there are plenty of people who prefer xbox and plenty who like windows, but are there people who actively seek MS products. That's just weird.

Ezz20131081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

""Xbox One Was The Second Most Searched on Microsoft's search engine Bing""


zeuanimals1081d ago

If you're using the Xbox One to search up Xbox One news, then you're likely going to be using Bing on the browser. Not sure if that translates to more regular Bing usage since it's not on a normal format, but it might.

Silly Mammo1081d ago

The real question is- Who actually uses Bing for their search engine? Really, who uses it?

darthv721081d ago

Regardless of this article and the search results I have to say that I switched from google to bing almost 4 years ago. I like the results I get.

Plus i earn points that I can use towards free stuff or real money for xblive. It used to be that i would trade in my bing search points towards MS points but then MS did away with them on xblive.

The only thing I ever got back from google (besides search results) was the redirect virus. Not quite the same and certainly not something I would strive to achieve.

pivotplease1081d ago

The same people who have their homepage stuck as MSN news probably.

KarmaV121081d ago

Bing is the best. I've been using it for 3 months now and have gotten over 30$ in rewards for Xbox.

uptownsoul1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )


If your asking if there is a such thing as brand loyalty…The answer would be YES…And its not as weird as you may think…Especially when it pertains to technology

Volkama1081d ago

Ah Bing is alright. It isn't as good as Google as a basic web search engine, but things like Bing Sports Bing News do a good job of rounding up and presenting interesting stories.

Worth noting that these stats aren't just people visiting and searching. It'll include all the services that integrate Bing, so Cortana on a Windows phone, those sports and news apps, and of course searching from the Xbox dashboard itself.

badz1491081d ago

most probably because when you search for PS4 on Bing, it will ask you, "do you mean Xbox ONE?" kinda thing LOL

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Microsoft - Bing - Xbox One

Who would have thunk it?

Most people use Google anyway.

ABizzel11081d ago

This is by far one of the most useless articles I've seen in a while. Bing is the search engine on Xbox One, so it's effortless to simply go to bing on the XBO and look up what you need help with in a game, and be done. Every time their one of their 7m gamers decide to do that it ranks up the search for Xbox. Who on earth would expect any other console to be searched for more, and if it was to happen then it would be extremely embarrassing for MS.

LOL "Gamingbolt" now I see why.

Tito081081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Plus let's not forget Bing can be used on XBox One, lol smh.

Death1081d ago

When you Snap to the internet on Xbox One, it Snaps to Bing. Anyone using this feature for Achievement hunting is adding to the count. It's a no-brainer that Xbox is so high in the Bing list.

RyanShutup1081d ago

The scenario looks like this:

XboxOne user: "XBOX ONE... BING"
*waits for it fire up...
Xbox One user: "XBOX ONE SEARCH FOR... damnit"
*waits impatiently while bing returns results for "xbox one"

Mr Pumblechook1081d ago

This result is not a surprise to me because when I've used Siri (it uses Bing) to tell me the best selling gaming console of the year it always says Xbox One!

I believe Microsoft have individuals who curate the results so Xbox One always comes out first. But ultimately this means the results don't have the authority of Google search.

Forn1081d ago

Just more flamebait from "gaming's" biggest flamebait site. Must be the only way they get hits at all.

tbone5671081d ago

Xbox One vs PS4 search on google. Xbox One has 10 times the results.

AngelicIceDiamond1081d ago

MS fans and Soon to be Xbox fanboys are using Bing to look up Xbox info.

That's sounds annoying actually.

Lol JK

HammadTheBeast1081d ago

All 3 searches on Bing were for Xbox.

Kayant1081d ago

*Shocking news*... Gamingbolt again with useless flamebait new pieces.

MS owning Bing doesn't even matter considering the very fact that XB1's search engine is powered by Bing.

memots1081d ago

isn't bing the default search engine on Xbo browser?

XboxOneX1081d ago

I use bing to search for GOOGLE when it auto loads BING on Internet explorer on the XBONE.

torchic1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )


I use Bing to search for Google

ah damn beaten to it :) no but for real if it is forced upon me I just search for Google via Bing

mikeslemonade1081d ago

You people with short memory, I will remind you last year the X1 was searched more than the PS4. They probably read that the X1 version of the game was not 1080p so they searched for information about that.

user55757081080d ago

who came up with the name bing? what a terrible idea

RosweeSon1080d ago

Who needs to search for them when it's already sat under/next to the telly ;)

Rhythmattic1080d ago


There needs to be a search engine called "Bong"

A engine that forgets what they're actually searching for. ;)

DarXyde1080d ago


I imagine, for phones, search engines, etc., there's brand loyalty and functionality benefits. Windows phones connect better with Xbox, so I would imagine people would be more inclined to complement their Xbox with a Windows phone. The Xperia is an exception here since I don't think very many people can find one for their carriers (it came to Verizon AFTER I had gotten a new phone I think).

To talk about the article though, no one should be surprised that Xbox is searched on Bing. I bet Android is more searched on Google than any other operating system as well. People with MacBook computers probably also have a predisposition for iPhones.

Gamer19821080d ago

HAHAHA BING.. The least used major search engine in the world. I mean if they said google people would be like woah but this is BING and makes it slightly less impressive as its OWNED by MS. Also is this really news?? Thats a console is highly searched?? It's clearly not effecting sales.

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jackanderson19851081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

google hasnt got it's 2014 figures up yet, 2013 (global figures) shows PS4 at 3rd and X1 at 4th under consumer electronics

TheRedButterfly1081d ago

With the amount of news/changes that the XO has undergone throughout 2014, and if 2013's results are any indicator, I'd say that the likelihood of XO being ranked above PS4 is fairly high.

Regardless, search rankings don't really mean much... Someone can search the bad things about the Xbox One just as easily as the good things, so really it only shows which platform is being searched for more - not which is getting the positive searches.

christian hour1081d ago

I dunno about that, I remember after e3 2013 if you went on to google and typed in "the xbox one is" the recommended searches would mostly be "terrible" "a rip off" and a bunch of exploitive deletives. If you did the same thing on bing, the suggested searches were all positive ones.

I still find that pretty hilarious :)

1081d ago
miyamoto1081d ago


Xbox One
About 213,000,000 results (0.42 seconds)

PS 4
About 404,000,000 results (0.72 seconds)

2:1 in favor of PS4

GameSpawn1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

That's results not individual active searches. Search engines sometimes publish their top most searched terms (sometimes with a quantitative value too) each quarter or yearly.

Like mentioned above:
1) The article is flamebait
2) Bing has a bias as it is owned by Microsoft
3) Most of the "numbers" are based on older quarters
4) How much something is searched is an indicator of popularity, but that does not reveal whether it is for the good things or bad things

deadman19871080d ago

About 207,000,000 results (0.22 seconds)

PS4 without the space
About 139,000,000 results (0.19 seconds)

About 330,000,000 results (0.19 seconds)

xbox one
About 192,000,000 results (0.24 seconds)


Blaze9291080d ago

strange, when i click on the very same link your provided miyamoto - i get: About 949,000,000 results (0.20 seconds) for Xbox One...

GameLover561081d ago

can you read the title Sony fan it says bing not Google and PS4 is not even dominating Google search either

kenshiro1001081d ago

The fact that you're even advocating this is laughable.

rocketpanda1080d ago

But it is dominating in sales, where it matters.

medman1081d ago

That's because the dumbarses who would use bing for a search are the same dimwits interested in a console called the xbone. Case closed, nothing further to report.

GameLover561080d ago

Lol at the one using Google look who's talking

loopygames1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Here are the results for Google from the past 30 days.

LackTrue4K1081d ago

I went to Carl's Jr, and to my surprise "the famous Star" is there most ordered hamburger!!

Rowco1471081d ago

I'm guessing people searched xbox one. Looked at what it had and bought a PS4? /S :)

stuna11081d ago

The Bing search engine probably would have went into instant meltdown mode! With the words scrolling across the screen, "PS4 search does not compute".

People are certainly looking at only half the picture as to why the Xbox1 was such a sought-after item on Black Friday. It's simple reasoning to be honest. The deals that were out there accounts for this, but now Microsoft have put the Xbox1 in a very precarious situation! They can never go back to selling the Xbox1 near it's $400 price tag without seeing a servere drop in people purchasing it.

In other words they have used their "Get out of jail free card"!

cutthroatslim1080d ago

I think you're right dude...

Back-to-Back1081d ago

If you use Bing you're either
a. On the MS payroll
b. A Microsoft fanboy

Both are terrible.

rainslacker1080d ago

Bing is fine. I use it for searches on my phone since it's a windows phone. I like Google better because it tends to return more meaningful results and has more ways to filter results.

Muzikguy1081d ago

First thought of mine was "it's a Microsoft search engine so...."

Goozex1081d ago

ms owns bing another misleading article. Try harder ms

Rockstar1081d ago

Who the hell uses bing?

What a terrible search engine.

mozzie1080d ago

how about everybody who uses siri and did not change the default search provider?

JsonHenry1080d ago

Isn't bing search built into the Xbox1?

cutthroatslim1080d ago

@infected, exactly. I mean, its Microsoft's search engine ya know what I'm sayin..?

rainslacker1080d ago

lol. Could be because the Xbox uses bing so when people search for stuff on it, it skews the numbers. Outside of MS devices, who uses bing for anything?

UKmilitia1080d ago

suppose its like SIRI when its answer to "best phone in world" was iphone

UKmilitia1080d ago

or maybe its from the xbox one when people are repeatedly trying to do voice commands and its just searching net on consoel using bing

BadlyPackedKeebab1080d ago

I assume it went something like this.

"Xbox, bing..."

*it hasnt responded*


*oh its now kicked in and binged xbox.

Christopher1080d ago

Probably helps that any search from your XBO includes the term "Xbox One" by default on the code side.

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eezo1081d ago

Something Fishy HERE: it must be noted that Bing is owned by Microsoft?

gameseveryday1081d ago

I don't think they will manipulate search results. I don't think Microsoft has anything to gain by doing that.

uptownsoul1081d ago

@Rashid Sayed

Your correct…But since Bing is so much smaller than google, it isn't too far fetched to believe that people that use Microsoft's search engine would have a higher likelihood of looking up Microsoft products