Latest Far Cry 4 PS4 Patch Removes "God Rays" Feature, Bug or Downgrade Due To Performance Issue?

Ubisoft and Graphics Downgrade controversy are two side of the same coin, we have seen it with "Watch Dogs and numerous other games" and now it seems like "Far Cry 4" has been added to this never ending list.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1084d ago

FC4 run fine on PS4 so this must be a bug like always.

decrypt1084d ago

Obviously removed since people were complaining over performance issues.

Its becoming more and more obvious they want to mislead gamers when games are initially being shown / released (first of all they mostly show games running on PCs). Not really Ubisofts fault if console makers decided to launch a generation of consoles with weak hardware. Tablet CPUs and Mobile GPUs arent really a good combination.

MasterCornholio1084d ago

Eurogamer says otherwise. The PS4 runs the game just fine so it must be a bug.

Ju1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago ) is this related to performance. It's exactly the same. God rays are a lens effect anyhow and it has been toned down, that's all. Put "PS4", "Downgrade", "Bug", "Performance" in a title an watch Google generate hits. ...laugh all the way to the bank... I have to start doing this. Life becomes trivial these days... /s

imt5581084d ago

"Obviously removed since people were complaining over performance issues"

What performance issue? Game is 99,5% rock solid 30 fps.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )


Why are you even in a console article? We all know you only care about PC. Quit trolling!

LordMaim1084d ago

Who was complaining about performance issues? The game ran beautifully for me the whole time. I got the platinum, so obviously I put more than enough time in to have noticed if there were.

gatormatt801083d ago

This is not a bug, nor were they removed/turned off because of performance issues. Simply put these were supposed to be exclusive visual features for Nvidia GameWorks. Ubi turned them off on PS4 because of that.

More info can be read here...

And here...

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rivencleft1083d ago

20 hours in I'm having a blast with FC4 on PS4, no issues whatsoever, graphics are gorgeous.

Enemy1084d ago

Bugs are in Ubisoft's blood. Expect a patch for this (which will then break another feature in the game).

annoyedgamer1084d ago

Since the generation launch bugs that have only bee common with EA and Ubisoft have become widespread. Currently the best working game I have played is COD AW on XB1 (go figure).

BG115791084d ago

This is strange. Last generation, consoles were hard to program, but AAA had very few bugs. This generation, consoles are easier to handle, they resemble PC, yet AAA have really much more bugs than the previous generation.
What is wrong here?

pwnsause_returns1084d ago

laziness... laziness is wrong here.

thats why you cant give easy things to people who want the easy way out of life...

Thefreeman0121084d ago

I agree it's a easy cash grab a lot of the times people will see the title and some of the features and buy it anyway which is why they don't really care if there is bugs

KwietStorm1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

That may be unconsciously part of the problem. They're so easy to develop for because they *resemble* PCs, but they aren't as powerful, so maybe some developers are initially attempting to handle them like PC rigs, while forgetting that they don't have any chance of matching the performance. Not saying that's the whole reason right there, but it could factor in.

gangsta_red1084d ago

A lot of these companies are rushing out their products for the holiday season. They want little Billy to have that game for the holidays and Billy's parent's money in their pockets by the end of the year so they can make a profit, get their huge bonuses and vacation in the Greek Isle for the summer.

Christopher1084d ago

GamePur title: honest journalism or clickbait?

Just provide the news, don't put your own spin on it for clicks.

Pman901084d ago

far cry 4 has always run perfect on my ps4 so if this is true its disappointing..

might have to stop buying ubisoft games

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