Playstation Experience Rumour Rundown

Let’s start off with the elephant in the room, Team Ico’s Last Guardian. Ever since E3 2009 people have been fascinated with Team Ico’s project to an unhealthy degree. Every year people truly believe that Sony will resurrect the project and show it to the masses, unfortunately Sony has not brought the game to any press conference since E3 2009 and it will probably remain that way for the foreseeable future. The reason for this is because The Last Guardian is like the ‘Royal Flush’ of press conferences, if Sony ever were to show it, the momentum of any of other companies E3 conference would be completely eviscerated.

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DarkOcelet1386d ago

If they show The Last Guardian , i am sure its graphics will reach Pixar quality and that Uncharted 4 gameplay is gonna be something. Hopefully we get do see what Santa Monica been up to and Quantic Dreams next game. So many things yet to come.

Travis37081386d ago

A new God Of War, Sly Cooper, Uncharted 1-4 Collection Would make me a very happy PS owner!!!

TheNew11386d ago

So you want their E3 to be at the event instead of at E3? It would be better if they save that stuff until E3 imo.

kayoss1386d ago

"Uncharted 1-4 Collection"??? wouldnt it be the Uncharted 1-3 collection and Uncharted 4???

Yahdaree1386d ago

He's prolly saying UC 1-3 and adding the Vita title in Golden Abyss for the fourth.

mikeslemonade1386d ago

Last Guardian will be there. I gurantee it!

NukaCola1386d ago

This right before Christmas is a brilliant idea. I wonder what Holiday bundle and deals is coming alone with this... So excited!

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OB1Biker1386d ago

I think they kinda spoil a 'surprise' when they said respawn will be in a panel

pivotplease1385d ago

Yeah I see that getting massive hype, but personally, I'm probably not going to buy it. I saw my roommates play it for a week and it pretty much fell off the radar after that. Besides... playing a shooter without a campaign (for me) is like dropping a deuce without toilet paper. It's all output...what happened to the game meeting me halfway?

jb2271385d ago

The only way that would be a worthwhile announcement for me is if they announce that Titanfall will have a brand new, true solo campaign on the ps4....or maybe they get around Titanfalls exclusivity by having it solely be a singleplayer game. Don't see any of that happening but I've never been a mp type of person, I'd like to see what a new studio like Respawn can do in the way of telling me a compelling story.

Lawboy21385d ago

Did u read what the panel was for...its a booth for up and coming dev trying to get into the industry and it is representatives from RESPAWN of whom we don't know the it could be anyone from respawn

Magicite1385d ago

Show us TLG and FF7 Remaster for PS4 and internet will xplode!

pivotplease1385d ago

1. TLG or other AAA reveal
2. Emulation Plans
3. U4 Gameplay
4. Level-5 Game
5. Titanfall (avec something new?)

DigitalRaptor1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Some of these are interesting, but the real rumours come from NeoGaf user Amir0x, who claims not to be an insider, but having been told about 3 separate megaton announcements:

I don't know how reliable that information is likely to be, but based on it.. My predictions are:

1) "Things we've been waiting for previously announced to make appearance":
The Last Guardian

2) "Something that was much requested finally coming true":
Shenmue III or FFVII Remake

3) "And some announcement for a franchise that is going to be really interesting for people and cause some waves":
Capcom exclusive - likely Dragon's Dogma 2 or Street Fighter V.

Uncharted 4 demo and new The Order: 1886 gameplay are something that they are obviously going to show. I think The Order demo is not a rumour:

We'll probably see some impressive and beautiful new gameplay for RiME annd get a release date for that and No Man's Sky (I'm predicting a Morpheus announcement).

Regarding The Last Guardian - I'm 99% sure it will be announced. You don't hold a massive legacy conference like this and not have that game to show. It would be like Valve Con, without Half-Life 3 showing up. We know that they are waiting for the right time to introduce it ( ), and now is THAT time.

the_dark_one1386d ago

"2) "Something that was much requested finally coming true":
Shenmue III or FFVII Remake "

it could be crash bandicoot

any way cant wait

morganfell1386d ago

Capcom Exclusive - Devil May Cry...

Tresyn101386d ago

I hope its not DMC, that game had turned into the modern day Prince Of Persia... although it was a good series, but the last two????? Could have been better

ion6661385d ago

Watch , it'll be street fighter for ps4. I'm tired of remakes and remasters. and G.O.T.Y editions.

DanteVFenris6661385d ago

@tresyn10 yes the pile of shit remake could of been a lot better, but if by last 2 you mean 4 than I have to diagree as that is my second favourtie next to 3.

A new dmc done right would be fun.

KingofGambling1386d ago

I like your Last Guardian prediction. You provided some interesting point about The Last Guardian there. My prediction is simply two exclusive games announce at the conference. One from Sony first party studio and the other being a third party publisher. Sega or Konami.

DarkOcelet1386d ago

Some that was requested hmmm
The legend of Dragoon 2 or a remake maybe.

OB1Biker1386d ago

Titafall2 I'm afraid. I'd really like to see GOW. GG 'horizon' is nearly a given

DanteVFenris6661385d ago

ive been waiting for a game with dinosaurs sense the jurassic park game for the NES.

but seriously no games have dinosaurs, i like dinosaurs

Lord_Frieza1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

2) "Something that was much requested finally coming true"

I'm pretty sure we requested a lot of stuff. The list goes on and on

FastRedPonyCar1385d ago

TLG shown running in stunning detail on PS4 hardware....gets pushed further until it is revealed again running in even more stunning detail on PS5 hardware.

pivotplease1385d ago

2) "Something that was much requested finally coming true":
Emulation! Doesn't say game. Why else would they release a grey PS4 and new theme?

brew1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Could be anything , really.

1. Ratchet and Clank , Gravity Rush , Shadow of the Beast , etc. (things)
2. Parappa the Rapper , Patapon , LocoRoco , etc.
3. Street Fighter , DMC , Dragon's Dogma , etc.

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CocoWolfie1386d ago

has anyone seen the playstation youtube videos just published? they have some pretty funny minuet sketches, but one of them is with the guy who did #buildingthelist. so, id expect some games from there! :D hopefully yakuza, i saw that requested for the west a lot, we'll see :p

Majin-vegeta1386d ago

Yup they mentioned Legend Of Dragoon and by god if I don get it.I'm rioting everywhere!!!!

I think I made my point.

HentaiMasterRace1386d ago

Infamous Vita would make me cry, too bad though.........waaaaaa

bleedsoe9mm1385d ago

some first party love for vita would make me happy whatever it is .

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