‘Destiny’ Update Included Surprise Sword Swinging Public Event

INQ: The Destiny 1.1 update released to PlayStation and Xbox consoles on Monday brought major changes to Exotic armor and weapons as well as the game’s economy. Bungie also slipped in a surprise that ties in nicely to The Dark Below DLC that is launching in exactly one week from today.

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kneon1390d ago

I've gotten the sword 4 or 5 times already, it seems to appear quite frequently

BlissSeeker1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Just giving you a taster for what's to come :)

Menkyo1390d ago

Its part of a bounty Eris will offer next week when the dlc hits. I love it would have been nice if they actually told us it was happenung though in the patch notes.

BlissSeeker1390d ago

inb4 Xbox fanboys say they're paying the same for less content
Newsflash: You're not
P.S. I own an XB1

CorndogBurglar1390d ago

Technically you're right. They're not. They just have to wait almost an entire year for the rest of the content. That doesn't make it any better for them.

P.S. I own a PS4

BlissSeeker1390d ago

Haha I own both but just said I own an XB1 so people don't call me a fanboy. But when they moan about paying the same for less content it just rustles my jimmies.
For you see...

Halo2ODST21389d ago

We have to wait a year... & ur defending that? Get off N4G troll!

cell9891390d ago

Ive used the Sword of Crota before and its fun to use, this should be interesting

Kyosuke_Sanada1389d ago

Using the sword makes me wish that third-person was optional in battle.....