Why game developers should be wary of the apology

It was, of course, Sir Elton of John who claimed sorry seems to be the hardest word. Sorry Elton, but that doesn’t seem to be the case if you’re a video game developer at the moment.

From Evolution Studios saying sorry for the online travails that blighted the launch of Driveclub, to Ubisoft apologising for the buggy, messy state that Assassin’s Creed: Unity launched in, its been quite an apology filled couple of weeks. Yet Sony and Ubisoft weren’t alone in the backlash, and were also joined by 343 Industries appealing for forgiveness over how the matchmaking in The Master Chief Collection is on the blink. Let’s fact it, we’ve had more heartfelt apologies from video game companies recently then you usually see in your average Richard Curtis Rom Com.

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wallis1356d ago

I wouldn't call most of these apologies 'heartfelt'. Ubisoft knew damn well unity was broken and thats evident in their review policy.

bequietdrive1356d ago

That's kind of the point of the article..

DaleCooper1356d ago

Yeah, they printed the discs and hoped for a hail mary of a day one patch. Guess that didn't work out. They should have delayed the game, seeing as how they already had 2 other games (3 if you count a terrible rabbids game) coming out within a month of each other.

1356d ago
bequietdrive1355d ago

Hahaha, this was going through my head when I read the article too!