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"There was very little doubt that Telltale games, having more than proven itself with The Walking Dead, would be up to the task of presenting an authentic game set in the unforgiving world of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. The fact that Game of Thrones is getting the Telltale treatment is certainly nowhere near as surprising as the announcement of Tales from the Borderlands, but I must confess it had earned a significant amount of my cynicism. Aside from the fact that everything surrounding the game had been so quiet until now, I was rather disappointed to see that Telltale had used the HBO television series as a base – not because I dislike the show, but because I wanted to see a cel-shaded take on the books, complete with Telltale’s all-original character designs. The imagination this studio has, being allowed free reign in Westeros, was exciting. An HBO-licensed game? Not so much."

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JoeMcCallister1389d ago

Quite happy Jim is on his own now - good stuff.

thorstein1389d ago

Is that what it is called when two big publications fire you?

"Glad he's on his own?" Where I am from that is called unemployed.

Your glad he's unemployed? I never liked the guy, but I think he has a right to make a living. I think he's a troll, but unless escapist or destructoid are more forthcoming, I want to know why the guy was let go.

JoeMcCallister1388d ago

I wouldn't call pulling in over $9k in patreon a month unemployed. He's independent now, meaning he doesn't have to worry about pissing off the publication, sponsors, or anyone really. There are plenty of business owners who are 'on their own', and we don't call them unemployed either. For his style and strong personality, he was handcuffed by whoever he was working for before.

He's definitely divisive and controversial, but with DToid and Escapist not saying anything regarding him even leaving, we're left with what we have. You know they won't comment unless it's something like "we wish him the best".

pivotplease1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Could definitely see how the game's binds to HBO are a let down, though my main problem with Telltale now is that they are essentially a one trick pony. Now that the novelty of Walking Dead Season 1 has worn off I would like them to open up the selling point of their games: the moral dilemmas. They need to get closer to Heavy Rain and then surpass it because their plots are way too one-dimensional. Even Far Cry 4's story felt almost as open-ended as a Telltale game, which is really telling. They need to let the consumer tell the tale rather than tell it themselves.

/pun rant

CaspuR1389d ago

I cant find it in the store where is it?

Spore_7771389d ago

Hope the site adds and 'Edit' feature. Really proud of Jim. Good review.