The Results of a Poll Regarding Halo's Buggy Release

Halo The Masterchief Collection was far from a perfect launch, and much of the community has faltered in their faith in 343i, only time will tell if they can recapture the players’ attentions.

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MCTJim1239d ago

Dont know what all the hub bub is about this. Matchmaking sucked for about a week and a half, now its working quite well. I've played plenty of games. I prefer single player myself with the series, but Halo has always been a multiplayer game for the most part. The data is probably weeks old and people always talk the talk but always never walk the walk.

Halo2ODST21239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

I have only been able to play 5 games, but what the hell, since you say its fixed, then it's obviously fixed! "it's working quite well" basically means its fine/fixed

MCTJim1239d ago

Yup I said it was fixed completely as you can clearly and plainly see in my post. Please go troll someone else.


pompombrum1239d ago

^^^ "It works for me so clearly it's fixed"

Who is trolling who exactly?

GearSkiN1239d ago

It's fixed on dome areas but lots of things sure need fixing

Lawboy21239d ago

I agree...but what would you know u only bought the game....not to mention if ppl read the poll only a select few from this small poll cannot find one match....if ur one of these ppl I'm a very sorry for this but the out lash that ppl on here and other forums have been doing is overexaggeratted and in my opinion childish

RadApples1239d ago

The poll was opened 2 days after The Masterchief Correction update and closed just this morning.

Illusive_Man1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Same here. Had problems for like a week ands half but now I've had over 100 matches easy. Make sure your nAT is open guys.

HOLDERofFOOD1239d ago

The game is still completely broken for me. It takes very long to find games still, the post game menus are laggy and glitchy, and the split screen, even in Halo 2 classic online cannot maintain a solid frame rate.

crazychris41241239d ago

Tried playing on Saturday and I couldn't even connect to a game. Its not much connection because I had no issues playing Forza Horizon 2 that night. They only updated 6 maps, how do they screw things up so badly?? They should have had a beta to test these things out so multiplayer isnt a total disaster. The crew had a pc alpha, 2 pc betas and 2 or 3 console betas and its had a far smoother launch.

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Droidbro1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

It's working Ok for some. I myself have not been able to play a single matchmaking game yet.

Halo2ODST21239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

I've only been able to play 5 games, the funny thing is the multiplayer actually works for halo 3 (& h4) on 360 - the older versions work better than the newer versions

RadApples1239d ago

According to 343i it is because the servers are running all 4 games' (technically 5) multiplayers at the same time.

Droidbro1238d ago

I am giving this title an extreme amount of leeway because of it's potential, but my patience is running low. Still excited but at this point, it's half a game. If they do not fix it soon many of game's population will have given up and moved on to the other big holiday titles.

LonDonE1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

I too like you until a few days ago didn't even manage to have one match online! then i read a temporary fix on some forum which actually worked for me!
Here's what you do:

Go to the xbox one settings and then to network and at the bottom you will see "go offline" select this and go into offline mode.

Just the leave the xbox one for about 4 minutes, make sure the game has not been launched and just leave the x1.

After a few minutes of doing nothing again go into settings and then network and at the bottom you will now see "go online" click it and the xbox one will reconnect to xbox live.

Once you click "go online" return to the xbox one home screen and launch the master chief collection.
Go straight into multi player and select the mode you want to play, you should see usually within a 10 to 30 seconds the game should join you to a lobby!!
Now get some head shots and ENJOY!!!!!

This trick was the only way i could play the master chief collection online multi player! NONE of the multi player/co op modes have worked for me even once since launch unless i done the above trick which works 100% of the time!
Try it i swear i am not taking the biscuit, this works for me 100% of the time!

I own and game on every platform and so i am not a liar, i am not sure if its a Europe problem but i do know in the halo waypoint forums allot of British gamers like me are having problems!

This is unacceptable, and this game should never have been released in this state! even the single player modes for all 4 games have bugs and glitches, and i suppose i just thought since its halo ms would of made sure this game was given the love and attention it needed!
Dont get me wrong, for me even if this disk had only the single player campaigns of all 4 halo games it would have still been worth the £45 i paid for it! playing the halo games in 1080p; 60fps is a awesome experience! In fact it makes it that much more painful after playing them to then go and play destiny at 30fps! man that game should of been 60fps!

I just dont see what's so great about the graphics, its nothing special, beautiful yes but not anything so next gen and i have felt from day one that the PS4 at the very least should have been running it at 60fps and not 30.
Either way knowing halo 5 will be 60fps is an awesome thought.

jholden32491239d ago

Thankfully, I don't do online multiplayer. The game has been flawless for me, which basically consists of four campaigns.

RadApples1239d ago

Even the co-op campaign has issues. I had just finished the final level of Halo: CE with my roommate earlier this week. Hell we were at the ending cinematic and I got disconnected. I had to do the whole level all over again. I'm thankful it was just my legendary playthrough and not LASSO.

tigertron1239d ago

I only managed to get into one match tonight and then it became totally one sided when everyone on my team quit/disconnected.

HOLDERofFOOD1239d ago

Yeah, when and if I do get into a game after however long, most of the time the teams are really unbalanced, and if I have guests we always end up on different teams. It's really dumb.

impet251239d ago

Haven't tried multiplayer yet but the campaign has a weird bug, where the resume game doesn't work its annoying as hell when u can't continue where u left off so u have to restart the chapter.

KiwiViper851239d ago

There's a quick fix for that, What you need to do is finish the chapter before turning the Xbox off...


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