Evolve's Evacuation Trailer Illuminates Epic Story

The story of Evolve is detailed in an unforgettable new trailer.

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Playdor1390d ago

Interesting, but I don't know.

JoeMcCallister1390d ago

The pre-match cinematics in the Alpha were a cool touch, but seemed like a bit of useless banter. I'm hoping it's more than just jumping in to a match over and over. I'd like to think there's more weight, but really don't know.

imtheman20131390d ago

They were really just glorified loading screens. Sure, they had some background lore of the world and whatnot, but none of it hooked me because I had no context with what any of the characters were saying. "I plan on going back to *nondescript planet A* after we kill this thing. Maybe go back to *nondescript job A* too."

I don't know how they will do a story in this game, but I'm not sure it needs one. The gameplay was fun enough, and hopefully with more game modes, it'll have a wide variety to keep players interested for the long haul.

jagermaster6191390d ago

Ya kinda reminds me of what titan fall did no real reason to be having these battles they need to explain things a little better and have a point

spicelicka1390d ago

Yea they need to have a legitimate campaign or it's not effective.

Heavenly King1390d ago

this is like the "story mode" of Unreal Tournament 3. Just cutscenes and then arena battles