Battlefield 4 Future DLC Confirmed and Pistol Only in Hardline

David Sirland revealed more information about future DLC’s for Battlefield 4 and Thaddeus Sasser confirmed a pistol only server setting for Hardline. The producer at DICE LA recently did a open interview with youtuber Jim Panse and asked if Final Stand would be the last dlc for Battlefield 4.

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Garethvk1082d ago

I just wish they had paid this much attention to the game before it was released in the messed up state that it was.

venom061082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

it doesn't matter as that's water under the bridge now... the game is GREAT and the community is excited for even more content..

famoussasjohn1082d ago

All it took was DICE LA to come in and fix all of DICEs' mistakes. They really saved themselves by creating CTE to test out fixes and ideas. I'm really enjoying this game after the last few patches and changes.

Yi-Long1082d ago

I picked up Battlefield 4 including Premium for 40 euro last month, and it's great :)

I'm also glad I didn't buy it for full price at launch.

CallOfDutyFan1082d ago

"Thaddeus Sasser confirmed a pistol only server setting for Hardline"

Sounds great!

ninavoljic1082d ago

Battlefield 5 on 2015. Time to release it :D

Fizzerd1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

Holiday 2016.

Neixus1082d ago

bf5 won't come in 2015, that's Star Wars: Battlefront, which i honestly have no problems with releasing next year ;D

KnightRobby1082d ago

I'm really enjoying my time in Final Stand, so I definitely would be interested in more high quality DLC for Battlefield 4.

immabadguy1082d ago

I agree. The game is very playable now, and I'd love for more dlc.

boing11082d ago

I concur. Maps are very well done.

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