Here's the PlayStation-exclusive content in Destiny expansion The Dark Below

Sony has confirmed and detailed the exclusive content it's secured for Destiny expansion The Dark Below.

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Yaay4me1326d ago

Pretty cool stuff. Regardless of the exclusive stuff im super stoked for this. The 4th horseman sounds like a pretty cool item though, 4barrel shotgun with rapid fire? lol sounds like a weapon of mass destroction. And that "undying mind" has me intrigued.

cell9891326d ago

I dont care if its just another Templar or Nexus, I love Strikes and I welcome this one with open arms. If youre a PS owner youll have an 8 strike playlist on your Vanguard list ;) That shotgun is gonna make people cry in the crucible.

CorndogBurglar1326d ago

Its not though. The shield on this one goes all the way around the body and only has a little opening on one side to shoot through. He's going to be tough to hit from the looks of it.

Yaay4me1326d ago

Yup. spoken like a true Guardian (:

qwerty6761326d ago

wow, people should boycott this timed exclusive crap

its funny cause everytime an article about microsoft doing this pops up sony fans on here are like

"this is why i hate Microsoft, worst thing to happen to gaming"

but anyway the only way to stop this is with our wallets and unfortunately that most likely will never happen.

KarmaV121326d ago

I don't mind the exclusive content, but don't make us who play on Xbox pay full freaking price for the season pass when we get less content. It's bullsh*t

cell9891325d ago

Microsoft started this stupid trend, bribing for exclusive content.Sony had to follow suit :/ cause lets face it if Sony hadnt approach them for the exclusivity, MS would have ....

Halo2ODST21325d ago

Its wrong either side, exclusity has to end