PlayStation Is Now Officially 20 Year Old; Happy Birthday, Sony

It's midnight in Tokyo, and as the new day starts, PlayStation can finally officially celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sony's console brand.

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ISHU1389d ago

Happy Birthday Sony!!

XboxOneX1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Happy Birthday Playstation. I hope you can make it to the 21st birthday before Sony goes bankrupt.

Manic20141389d ago

Really dude? Just be civil....

Abriael1389d ago

Some people have really wild dreams nowadays.

XboxOneX1389d ago

@Manic2014 I do not mean it in any bad way at all. I know every year Sony lose millions or billions and I want the Playstation to keep going and keep going as much as ANYONE ELSE.

Manic20141389d ago


I think a "Happy Birthday Playstation" would of sufficed, Financial situation's don't need to be brought up.

italiangamer1389d ago


"And here kids you can see what on the internet is called a DUMB 12 YEARS OLD TROLL"

By the way, Xbox division is losing money since its creation in 2001 ;) Sony is going to get in a better shape in the next fiscal year and is still a multi-billion dollar company that gets tons of profits from music, movies, videogames basically XBOX GO HOME, YOU'RE DRUNK.

FromTheAshes1389d ago

"I hope you can make it to the 21st birthday before Sony goes bankrupt."

Market cap increase from 17 to 25 billion in less than two years is going bankrupt?

Revengeance1389d ago

And I hope Lizard Squad takes down Xbox Live on Christmas so I can laugh about it while playing on my PS4

DeadlyOreo1389d ago

Lol at XboxOneX above

I have a question, how has this troll still got 2 bubbles? He has to be new here, and be living such an unfulfilled life to be spouting the nonsense he comes out with.

On topic:

Congrats Sony. Proud Playstation fan since the PS1, no one does it as good as you.

Death1389d ago

Happy 20th Birthday Playstation. :)

Alsybub1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )


Going by the number of disagrees, there's a lot of people that want Sony to go bankrupt.

Either that or a lot of Sony fans didn't think before they clicked 'Disagree'. Clicking 'dsagree' suggests you want Sony to not reach 21 years with the PS brand.

Sony fans, if you don't like the sentiment of XboxOneX's comment you should click 'agree' or do nothing. ;)

Unreal011389d ago

To the dude above ^

Erm, no. If you do some research you'll find that people are disagreeing because he is a troll.

Septic1389d ago


Well it's been a great 20 years. I got the PS One in year one I think and have been hooked ever since.

Damn I feel old.

kenshiro1001389d ago

And you know NOTHING about financials.
Just like every clueless troll on this site.

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miyamoto1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

I know you are really excited, but it should be "Happy Birthday PlayStation!" and not "Happy Birthday Sony!" because Sony was born in 1946 while PlayStation was born in 1994.

Happy 20th Birthday PlayStation!
The greatest gaming brand of all time.

Oh man, I used to be the No.1 PlayStation hater during the 1990's and was an avid Sega Genesis supporter.
Its good to root for a company that has entertained you very well at a young age and "change" is something many people find it so very hard to accept specially when they are at the "comfort zone"

But PlayStation being the newcomer underdog upstart it was in 1994 surely schooled Nintendo and Sega how to make a dramatic entrance and rock the videogame industry very hard!

PlayStation sure know how its done!

PS debut double knockout the betraying Nintendo and snubby Sega!
Both companies denied Sony's partnership into the gaming industry and when Sony went in on its own, they realized they created their own nemesis.
What a beautiful story!

PS2 defended its championship with a triple knockout of Nintendo, Sega and Microsoft!

PS3 is the comeback king of the ring!

PS3 came in with new and expensive technology like Blu-Ray, Cell processor, strict anti-piracy technology costing Sony so much in a time of economic crisis. No platform has ever done a successful comeback like it.

PS4 proved that PlayStation is still the Greatest Champion of Gaming of all time!

TXIDarkAvenger1389d ago

I know you are really excited but it should be "one of the greatest gaming companies of all time" not "The greatest gaming brand of all time" because its absurd to say any gaming company tops everyone else.

darthv721389d ago

I got my PS1 after getting the saturn. While I prefer the saturn more for its sega exclusives I wont pretend that the PS1 didnt have an impact on my entertainment time.

Playing games like jumping flash, philosoma, ridge racer are still great to play to this day. Happy birthday old friend.

TXIDarkAvenger1389d ago

i love sony, every other company is trash. give me bubbles lel.

miyamoto1389d ago

"Yoshida also said that he hopes to continue bringing PlayStation 4 more Japanese games after Bloodborne that highlight the platform’s capabilities."

I am glad PlayStation is still sticking to their old successful formula: 3rd party developers are first priority to sell tons of games on the platform and 1st party developers second but with games that showcase PlayStation's power and capabilities.

Its a winning formula for 20 years now.

Happy 20th Birthday Sony PlayStation!!!!

Magicite1389d ago

Its not SONY's birthdays, but Playstation's. Lets be correct!

LAWSON721389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

It's not Sony's birthday though Sony is much older than 20 years old

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TimeSkipLuffy1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Time for the REAL Black Friday Sale... or let's name it PS Birthday Sale with hundreds of games for $5/10/15 :D or less!

sonic9891389d ago

You Won't believe how many games I bought under the 20 dollars mark

mt1389d ago

I want PS+ deal like last year.

MasterCornholio1389d ago

Happy B day PlayStation.


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