Distance Coming To PS4, Apparently

Wipeout fans may be happy to known that Distance, a futuristic racing game, is likely coming to PlayStation 4 after its debut on PC.

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Trovalli1389d ago

Hopefully this is coming to PS4, it looks fun!

Farsendor11389d ago

has already been announced.

Eonjay1389d ago

Online multiplayer, Split Screen, Trippy Graphics... I'm Sold.

Imp0ssibl31389d ago

I miss Wipeout. This looks fun, though I'd be in heaven if Sony announced a proper Wipeout at PS Experience!

Mostafeto1389d ago

Imagine being able to play Wipeout AND Distance this would be heaven just like you said

kaiserfranz1389d ago

I've been waiting for this game! They took a long time doing it but it looks worth it. Yay for more indies

Mostafeto1389d ago

Yay for "good" indies after all what makes a console sell is what AAA games it has to offer tell me what if for example FIFA is a Sony exclusive and Let's say LittleBigPlanet 3 is an Xbox One exclusive which will you choose ? for me It's obvious which console I am going to buy

pivotplease1389d ago

Littlebigplanet console for me but I know a few who would go for FIFA.

I think there are some indies that surpass the majority of AAA games we see though. Not enough risks are taken, especially with EA, Activision, and Ubisoft saturating the market with the annual and bi-annual releases of all of these well-established franchises. I've been sick of COD, BF, AC, etc. since halfway through last gen. I'm just wondering when the masses will realize and then sales will decline and change will become necessary.

MasterCornholio1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Indies are great.

A little off topic but Sony just released a trailer about football\soccer.

Except instead of playing with humans you play with rocket monster trucks. Looks pretty interesting to me.

Iltapalanyymi1389d ago

YES! this game is amazing and i was hoping for something like this to happen. the devs teased this a while ago too.

Alexious1389d ago

Yeah, that was the point of the story - the images gave it away that the game would be announced soon. And it was.

Farsendor11389d ago

I was just letting people know who was saying they hope it releases on ps4.

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