"Spore" of Innovation: Is Will Wright's Latest Creation Innovative?

Jacob Stutsman from Gamer 2.0 writes: "Some may question Spore as an idea. After all, gamers are always seeking the next thrill ride, provided we all understand such concepts as originality. But where does originality stand as a concept? Vladimir Nabokov once said this in regards to a book: great ideas are hogwash, and it is only through style and structure that there is clarity. The same might be said of a videogame. As an idea, Spore sounds like something abstract and vague, as if these ideas are born in the minds of their creators through supernatural influence. But as a structure, its manifestations become clear. And so it is not a blending of these past techniques but the pacing and structure that matter."

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NO_PUDding3792d ago

It's a superb idea, and truly Will Wrightish, but technology isn't good enoguh yet.

There were so many issues for me, with Spore Creature Creator. It's not extensive enoguh to be satisfying (even if that's only a 5th unlocked) purely becuase of play-doe starting point and the awful clipping issues as soon as you make your creature even the slightest bit outlandish.