“Paying for more of what we love” – Microtransactions have no place in £50 games

Dealspwn: 'There's more of the ruthless monetising to come. Ubisoft have admitted as much themselves, with Senior VP of sales and marketing, Tony Key, detailing how "that's really what has to happen, we have to get these $60 customers to become $200 customers" earlier this year in a clinically honest interview.'

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Blues Cowboy1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Hear hear. MTs are fine for F2P and budget games, but in full-priced releases they're abusive and actually break the game on some level. There is no way that a game's economy can be properly balanced if there is also a premium option - game design doesn't allow for that. There has to be an element of grind, frustration, envy or psychological trickery built in to support these business models.

pompombrum1322d ago

Honestly, I don't mind the idea of MTs, it's the current implementation that's the problem. Instead of increasing the lifespan of the game and adding value, they're nothing more than a cash grab to try and milk as much money from so called "valued" consumers as they can.

I'm sure there are examples of it done right but being honest, I don't keep up to date with these sort of things so can't list any. Still, I don't see a problem with cosmetic stuff being added down the line providing it's not blatantly taken from what's already on the disc.

bggriffiths1322d ago

If the final Crew game is anything like the Beta, the writing will be too damn small for me to see all the gross micro-transaction crew dollar in-game currency amount stuff.

FuzzyPixels1322d ago

Ubisoft probably made a deal with Specsavers. For every pair of specs you buy as a result of the small writing, Ubi get a percentage.

cplus1322d ago

Soon we're gonna have to pay just to start the game.

danowat1322d ago

£40 ain't no microtransaction.



it use to be that when a company talked about micro transactions on a £40 game, they were talking about £5 or less.

Then MS stepped in with the points system. they bypassed the ££ barrier by converting stuff into points and most stuff ending up costing 800 to 1200 points which meant gamers spending £10 to £15 or more sometimes.

Once we got use to that they sold us on the idea of a Season pass that would be £15 to £20 but it would have more content or include everything to cover us for a year. Great!... except over time they started shaving off the amount of stuff you got for the Season pass, and then releasing stuff ON TOP of the season pass!! WTF...

Still we bought it so why not go further. Now we have expansions that are £30.... almost the same price as the full game!! and people will still buy this crap as well.

We are killing our own games by supporting this crap.

Slugfest3211322d ago


YES YES YES hit the nail on the head. I have found this year that ive not enjoyed gaming at all really just buying nd playing games to fill time. The games ive actually had fun on are unexpected games ie dust, outlast, resogun, alien isolation.

I am scared of the way things are going.

SnakeCQC1322d ago

Theres idiots in the starcitizen alpha defending thousand dollar dlc

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