Dying Light goes 'apesh*t' after intro, gameplay will surprise you throughout | Examiner

Techland producer discusses choice-impact and story linearity for Dying Light

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XboxOneX1298d ago

Well its not out until January 2015 so you are going to have to wait. #GreatnessAwaits

Meltic1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Its techland you never know. People are so excited for this game so they might release it early january or even a december release but i dont Think so. A guy in a game store told me that more than 1000 copies of the game have already been preordered since the new IGN video of 15 minutes :).

BLxMAVERICK1298d ago

I hope it'll be different from dead island 2. Other than that I cant wait for this.

josephayal1298d ago

Amazing just amazing, TBH It’s about time this cross-generation crap is over