This PS4 Game Wants to Make the RTS Genre Less Sadomasochistic

Asher Vollmer, creator of mobile hit Threes!, has announced his next project, a real-time strategy game for PlayStation 4 called Close Castles. Vollmer says his aim for the title is to "fix" the RTS genre, and make it less sadomasochistic.

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Jdoki1321d ago

He has an interesting take on RTS games. I don't know if he's talking rubbish to drum up press for his next game, or has never played an RTS.

I've never found them sadomasochistic. They are a game of wits, strategy, cunning and guile. You have to be able to adapt strategy, and react fast.

I'm more than happy to have another RTS to play - but I don't think the genre needs 'fixing'.

GokuSolosAll1321d ago

I think RTS do need fixing.

Maxor1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

What an idiot. His game sounds sadomasochistic as hell. This like saying that FPS has too much gun violence then you design a game dedicated to stabbing people in the face to solve the problem.

traumadisaster1321d ago

The dev didn't even address the main point he was leveling against the rts genre! Exactly what is you're new concept? Why can't he just say a casual rts for players to have fun in without major commitment? Comes off as a jerk.