Are Your Exotic Weapons Exciting Enough Now?

Clipping Error discusses why he thinks the latest update to Destiny and its exotic weapons is not only a bit random, but a bit annoying, calling on readers for their views on the subject as well.

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cell9891208d ago

my body is ready for Dragons Breath!!!

Yo Mama1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

IMO, they didn't upgrade them enough. Sadly, my "Bad Juju" and "Pocket Infinity" will still be confined to my vault. Speaking of the Pocket infinity, what good is it to fire 5 consecutive rapid fire shots if the kick is so strong that all but the first round fires towards the sky and over the enemies head?

I also expected Bungie to change some of the sounds to differentiate them from legendary and rare weapons. Hoping that would maybe compensate the lack of power by having them sound cooler. Nope.

CorndogBurglar1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Yeah, i thought the same thing about the automatic fire upgrade on some shotguns. What good is it if you can only hit your target with one shot before the gun starts bouncing around all of the place uncontrollably?

And I have to say you're right, but it depends on what exotic weapon you are talking about. Every weapon got different buffs and powers added, taken away, or swapped out.

I use Hard Light as my main exotic for Crucible, and all they really did to it was change the stability upgrade to Fitted Stock. The stability is still all the way up, yet in the match, it seems like its actually LESS stable now then it was. Not enough to make me quit using it, but its still a little noticeable.

kneon1208d ago

The only time I used the pocket infinity it for the fusion rifle bounty. I tried the 5 clip mag and it's awful.

I normally don't use any exotics other than the Truth rocket launcher as there is usually a better option in the legendaries for the types of guns I use. I just dismantled two more "Super Good Advice" machine guns earlier this week, they are just crappy guns. I'd much rather use the Deviant Gravity-A.

StanLee1208d ago

Pocket Infinity rocks. I use the stability upgrade rather than the mag upgrade. I've loved it from day one. I play mostly crucible and it's fantastic. Exotics are a bit of a letdown admittedly, but my Invective is fantastic, so are the rocket launchers and snipers. Plan C is unstoppable when you get the charge upgrade. Thorn still sucks, Last Word kicks ass, Hardlight is disappointing after finally getting it. Thunderlord with stability is amazing, SUROS is SUROS, universal remote is garbage and Red Death doesn't work for me. Bad Juju, love the look but my Super Pox VLO owns all!

kneon1208d ago

Most of those are weapon types I never use, I won't use shotguns, auto rifles or pulse rifles and only rarely use a fusion rifle.

My primary weapon in every FPS is normally a pistol or a scout rifle. I used hand cannons most of the game but once I got the A.1F19X-Ryl fully upgraded I rarely go back to hand cannons. I use the A.1F19X-Ryl 95% of the time. It's very ammo efficient, a single precision shot can take out as many as 4 enemies due to the secondary explosion.

I'm closing in on 95000 kills across my 3 characters but 0 are from the crucible. Maybe if I played crucible I might use some different weapons.

theDivision1208d ago

There is a bug with PI that is probably why it doesn't feel that exotic. Bad Juju is actually viable now though.

martinezjesus19931208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I think they should make them more, "exotic" looking. What I've seen from the DLC looks like a step in the right direction; however, I do believe they still need to spend more time with them so they have more unique perks and nice animations (like The Last Word) Thorn got a nice upgrade this last update, the others that I've tried werent buffed enough, like Bad Juju

TotalSynthesisX1208d ago

It's a step in the right direction. I do like that they're a hell of a lot easier to upgrade now. Sure, you have to wait for Xur to come to town and you have to drop seven coins on the Exotic Shard to upgrade the weapon completely, but hey, at least they don't require half a billion Ascendant Energies anymore. Speaking of which, if we can buy Exotic Shards from Xur, why can't we buy Ascendant Materials from him as well? Seven coins for an Exotic Shard and three coins for an Ascendant Material. Seems fair to me.

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