Rugby 15 Review | GES

GES Writes: "I was really eager to play the Rugby 15 game, like most South Africans I love Rugby and although we do not get great Rugby games I still hope and dream whenever a Title comes out.

I was glad when HB Studios announced Rugby 15 and they have also said that they are looking to release a rugby game on an annual basis. So with that said I think this game has a great basis to start from and they can only improve on it."

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Inzo1392d ago

First of all HB Studios should stop making Rugby games, they took everything that was great about Rugby 08 and removed it and came up with the junk we found in Rugby 11, secondly they dont listen to rugby fans, thirdly how could EA games hand development over to a Canadian studio, why not give it to a company which actually understands rugby and is housed in a country where rugby is more mainstream.

WitWolfy1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Here here. This game is an insult to Rugby fans. Its as if each version gets crappier and crappier. My mate's brother bought this game then returned it hours later demanding a refund.

Thats how bad this game is.

Fr0zeBud1387d ago

Very bad game I agree, if you compare it to Fifa or NFL it looks like a game made 15 years ago