Molyneux announces new game ‘The Trail’

Peter Molyneux announced his new upcoming game ‘The Trail’ at the Fun and Serious games festival in Bilbao Spain.

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Septic1387d ago

I wonder that platform(s) this will be available on.

badz1491387d ago

Molyneux has become the joke of the internet, apparently but it was all down to his own doing.

revolutionary this, revolutionary that, promise this, promise that and then meh...

spicelicka1387d ago

Lol don't act like you guys didn't laugh at "Guy Cocker".

mhunterjr1387d ago

The first thought that came to mind was how rough his childhood must have been...

Naga1387d ago

I'm sure it's been a long and hard road for him.

Perjoss1387d ago

He kind of got shafted with that name.

Audiggity1387d ago

He wasn't much for board games either, always insisted on playing with balls instead.

Conzul1387d ago

Come on, give him a break. I'm sure he's got his hand full.

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Blues Cowboy1387d ago

You haven't even finished Godus yet, Peter.

Stop promising stuff before you even know you can deliver it... oh, we're talking about Molyneux here. I assume that The Trail is just some sort of cube with disappointment in the middle then. And horrific voice acting.

starrman19851387d ago

Was just thinking that! That guy won the ability to be god* in that game, I bet he just wants it to release!

*not actually a god, gets to make some decisions and have limited godly powers

Ghoul1387d ago

hell he didnt even finish Black&White 1
but thats peter, i even had the chance to chat within in privat at gamesdev conf.

hes like a fat kid in a candy store, allways grabbing the next sweet before the current one is even finished.

btw i love molynoux, people flame him but without his ideas and (broken) games, alot of games would have never existed in the first place.

hes an inventor, those people hardly go for finaly quality. its about the ideas

joab7771387d ago

Really? You know how this will go. It will be slated as the greatest, most imaginative game ever made, and then release as a very good game but without 90% of what is promised.

I'm still waiting for the Fable game that was promised. It was damn good though. Just make a REAL next gen Fable. Seriously. Playing Dragon Age and seeing The Witcher 3 has me hyped for rpgs this gen. Make a Fable 4 damn it. It could be epic.

ScorpiusX1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

What happen to 22 cans first hangover project was a waste or just cheap beer. Lol

@Mamotte he can't give you Black and white 3 he does not own the IP or work for Lions head .

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