F-Zero Wii U – Will we fly?

The first F-Zero game released in 1990 for the Super Nintendo and follow-ups came out for various Nintendo consoles. Unfortunately after the release of F-Zero GX on the Gamecube there have been no appearances on consoles aside from a few titles on Nintendo’s Gameboy.

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Jdoki1351d ago

Goddam I'd love a WiiU F-Zero.

Having seen what Nintendo have done with Mario Kart 8, I can only imagine what a new F-Zero would be like.

It should be a no-brainer. Fans want it. They have a game engine to run it...

Yi-Long1351d ago

Would be nice if they could somehow implement is as DLC for Mario Kart, basically just a Mario-themed F-Zero with 8-12 fast sci-fi tracks, obviously still capturing that special F-Zero flavour and adding those characters and new machines.

I just LOVED F-ZeroGX for the Gamecube. Sega did a really great job with that. Fantastic game. Still looks gorgeous.

Loadedklip1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Mario Kart 8's mute city DLC is fantastic ... but it doesn't replace F-Zero's very different 100% skill based gameplay and insane speed.

MK8s mute city is still Mario Kart gameplay ... not F-Zero's.

They don't play anything like each other.

F-Zero deserves it's own full game.

SteamPowered1351d ago

That F-Zero track spoiled me on Mariokart. Now I want very track to have an insane amount of Boost Arrows. Can't wait for the next Dlc to pop.

Tedakin1351d ago

It'd be about damn time for a new F-Zero. GX on Gamecube is my favorite racing game ever. They do this Wii U will jump to a probable buy for me.

Hamzaali1351d ago

huh , what you actually mean?

Wonderful1011351d ago

F-Zero GX is my favorite game of all time. I really hope they at least release it on the eShop or give it the HD treatment. A new game would be awesome but I'm not getting my hopes up.