The Crew Launch Impressions: Massive Scale & Hefty Microtransactions - But Does It Work?

Dealspwn writes: "The Crew's handling has been a bone of contention and a cause for concern over the last few months and years. During preview events and betas we described it as "off," "weird" and "slippery," comparing it to Watch Dogs rather than more responsive and fluid racers.

So I'm pleased to report that this isn't the whole story. Though still not a patch on the likes of Forza due to an odd balance between weight and heft, the handling is actually massively customisable via a missable yet surprisingly detailed settings menu. You can tweak the steering sensitivity, steering linearity, speed factor, braking and more to your specifications, and though the game does a poor job of explaining what difference this actually makes, you can feel the change for the better after a few minutes of fussing about."

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XboxOneX1176d ago

Microtransactions should not be in video games.

Blues Cowboy1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I agree with the sentiment, but I don't have a problem with the *concept* of MTs. When used properly in F2P/budget games they can let us pay what we want for the content we want. That's a good thing. In Zen Pinball, for example, I can pay for the tables I want and ignore the others rather than paying out for content I won't play.

The problem is that publishers have abused and twisted and broken what should be a consumer-friendly idea into a horrible way of grasping more money from us, and put them into full-priced games where they have no business being. Ever.

FuzzyPixels1176d ago

My problem is more with in-game currency. It's a small distinction, but this is what really messes up game balance and design. Reward players for doing cool things in-game, not through an arbitrary currency system that can be leveraged aggressively for monetisation.

Microtransactions for cosmetic unlocks and maybe even XP boosts are sort of okay in my book (it's a case-by-case thing). But I'm yet to see a game improved in any way by having premium in-game currency.

Blues Cowboy1176d ago

Right on. There's no way an economy can be fairly balanced if it also has a premium currency - game design just doesn't work like that unless the product is cheaper/F2P.

badz1491176d ago

I hope this game die a quick death. the game is an unproven new IP and even then, it's like they are doing a halfass job on it and expect people to believe their scamming trailer and claims.

uth111176d ago

One of the biggest complaints has been the handling, why are the steering customizations such a secret when apparently they make a huge difference? It should be one of the first things the game tells you.

Blues Cowboy1176d ago

It's bizarre, isn't it? They should mention it in the tutorial and put tooltips in the menu at the very least.

Plus, handling is naturally tied to your car and upgrades.

oneluckybullet1176d ago

ive been playing it and so far its alot of fun with friends, its no forza horizon but it will do. as for the mt, i dont like them and wish they would go away. so ill vote with my wallet and not buy any.