Lizard Squad threatens further Christmas downtime

Lizard Squad have recently claimed responsibility for disrupting Xbox Live today. The group has issued a threat against further downtime during Christmas period for Xbox Live.

GameOnDaily also assess the possible motivations for the groups' actions.

Warning: contains some NSFW language

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hiredhelp1175d ago

Hmmm heres the thing why hasnt anyone tryed to counter these hmm real hard holding back my bad language of anger I feel right now but these pathetic pointless idiots .
I mean there lots hackers out there they know how to hack they know how firwall proxy ect works isnt there way they can group up track down there IP give watever evidance they find to right hands maybe leave them with some downtime...

XboxOneX1174d ago

If xbox live goes down during Xmas day when people are getting consoles for christmas then Lizard Squad are some very sick people. I understand groups like annoymous hacking the KKK twitter and other hate groups but going after gamers who have done nothing wrong is out of order.

G20WLY1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

I agree, but I suspect it's the companies they're trying to disrupt and they're using disgruntled customers as their road in. It's not clever, just mean.

They're a complete waste of space and they infuriate me. If they must do this sort of rubbish, they should find a way to achieve their goal without innocent parties being impacted by their 'work'. Or, just get a life.

kayoss1174d ago

These loser are not hackers, they send out DDOS and call themselves hackers? Get real. I'm pretty sure another hacker group will go after them. HOpefully exposing their identities as well.

1174d ago
RedDevils1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Even though I don't like M$, but fuck this Lizard squad or wtf they called themselves for ruined everyone Christmas. I hope the FBI or CIA just hunt these loosers down and imprison them for life, that would stop any other idiots trying to do these sort of thing in the future

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rainslacker1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Apparently a couple of them were arrested after the attacks a couple months ago...according to their twitter anyways. Don't know what came of it.

I don't know why this article looks at their possible motivations. They make it pretty clear. They aren't fighting for any kind of consumer advocacy, they just want more twitter followers. They say they'll stop attacks when people follow them. Pretty dumb if you ask me.

I dunno though, given how annoying they've become, I think some of their targets should be pushing for more legal action against them. I'm sure there are plenty of people that can do the research on who they actually are.

I think both PSN and XBL will be taxed pretty heavily on Christmas day. Same as launch day for both consoles. That's what happens when millions of people try to log into the system on day one...most probably downloading lots of updates.

Paprika1175d ago

Absolute dicks. Seriously.... why ruin it for gamers? Go hack NASA or the CIA and find out the stuff they are hiding from us... what's being achieved here? At least hack psn prices to be cheaper.... even then its wrong.... but still!

caseh1174d ago

"At least hack psn prices to be cheaper.... even then its wrong"

Not when they are about 20% more expensive than retail

Yaay4me1174d ago

I like how you two turned this around on Playstation. Good job guys. I was about to post that no matter what console you own you need to be against groups like these. And then i saw your loaded comments. By the way, NASA? Really?

Paprika1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

I'm not opening a debate between consoles. I use psn, the prices suck... so I naturally joked they should hack prices to be super cheap.

NASA... yeah, another joke. Basically if you believe they are a front organization hiding a true space program which doesn't use archaic rockets.... but that's another subject entirely lol! Google it... I'm outa bubbles for stating dark cloud 2 is better than ni no kuni.... lol

M1ST4K31174d ago


Yeah, NASA... It's hiding aliens from us!!! They knew it all along! :D
Jesus, this people and their conspiracy theories.

Antifan1174d ago

Hmm, lizard squad aren't really experienced hackers tho. They don't really 'hack' anything, so them 'hacking' the CIA would be impossible.

CorndogBurglar1174d ago

All they are doing os DDOS. They haven't actually hacked anything. They wouldn't know where to begin to hack NASA or the CIA. They called in a bomb threat to an airline, so I definitely don't think they would be scared to hack the CIA. They just have no real skill.

RedDevils1174d ago

You sound like that guy in GTA looking for the alien lmao

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urwifeminder1174d ago

Bring it on I say the more they do it the more chance of getting caught, will just go for a swim that day.

ReturnToSanity1174d ago

"They have yet to engage in sexual interaction with another human being"


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