Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Leo Whitefang DLC Character To Be Released On Dec.18th in Japan

Arc System Works has finally confirmed today that Guilty Gear Xrd - Sign - Leo Whitefang is going to be released in Japan on December 18th.

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Deathdeliverer1391d ago

cannot wait! its almost time to rock!

gangsta_red1391d ago

"Guilty Gear Xrd – Sign – will be released in Japan on December 4th and on December 16th in North America on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4."

I thought this was a PlayStation 4 game only? Is it really coming to the PS3...because if that's the case then I can definitely play this game now.

Nicominoru1391d ago

Yes it is coming to PS3 as well so if you haven't adapted to PS4 yet it is still available to you.

Even better is that the game is crossplay so players on both PS4 and PS3 versions of the game will be able to play online with one another regardless of which platform they play on.

gangsta_red1391d ago

Wow crossplay, that is awesome!