The Crew's biggest microtransaction costs £39.99

Dealspwn reports: "Personally I hate to see microtransactions and premium currencies in full-priced games, as their inclusion is smoking gun proof that a game's economy is designed to delay, annoy or otherwise convince you to reach for the credit card. The fact that you can't ignore Crew Credits -- it's a dual currency, so the option is right there on the screen next to regular purchasing options and even represented on your player tag -- is also a real bugbear too. The sooner this fad dies out, the better, since you've already paid good money for the game and frankly shouldn't be constantly harangued to slap down a little (or a lot) extra."

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FuzzyPixels1388d ago

"Dual currency" and "microtransactions" are phrases that I HATE seeing next to full price games. They are, in essence, admissions of defeat...

"We couldn't be arsed to create a meaningful way for you to earn this in-game, so here's a pay option because we're admitting that the game we made is unbalanced."

Microtransactions existed in fully priced games simply because they can. And that's a real shame.

Blues Cowboy1388d ago

Yeah, it is a real shame. I'm okay with cosmetics, but anything else is clear evidence that the game is designed for grind, or that the economy has been purposefully hamstrung somehow.

breakpad1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

ooh another Crapisoft game on the horizon (with stealing DLCs, micotransactions, preorder crap etetc) ...prepare yourselves to BOYOCTT

mmcglasson1388d ago

I hate Pay to Win micro transaction games. If you pay for a game then they shouldn't have micro transactions. They can have DLC that is similar to an expansion; more levels, new guns, new gameplay features/modes, etc. I'm not ok with pay to get this much xp or these items that you would normally have to play to unlock/earn.

I'm ok with purchasing costumes, additional looks, etc... assuming all it can be all be unlocked in game as well... I'm not ok with DLC that's so irrelevant that it should have been released when the game launched. If a game releases some new maps, some new weapons, and some new game modes then that's relevant DLC. New appearance related DLC should be earned in game, free, but not charged for. However, pay to win... should not be allowed in any game that wants to have serious multiplayer.

I hope EverQuest Next (free to play) doesn't have any Pay to Win transactions. I hope it's all cosmetic. However, I also hope it can all be earned in game as well with invested time. I can understand premium mounts, etc costing $5 or so to get but there better be no pay to win.

bellome1388d ago

39.99$? Now this is a mAcrotransaction!

Blues Cowboy1388d ago

Heh, but remember it's *£*, not *$*. Dunno what the US price is, but if exchange rate is anything to go by, it'll be higher!

Tempest3171388d ago

I believe its right around 1.5-1.6, so its closer to $60 usd

rodiabloalmeida1388d ago

What the F*ck! G-zoos. What we're they thinking?!

CocoWolfie1388d ago

stop it. thats not a microtransaction, you jerks. thats so unnecessary.

Blues Cowboy1388d ago

There needs to be a new word. I quite like "pointless funbucks" myself.

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The story is too old to be commented.