The Crew's day one patch fixes an issue where players couldn't join a crew

The Crew's day one patch resolves an issue that prevented some players from being able to join a crew. In a game called The Crew. That is built entirely around the idea of joining crews. You couldn't make it up.

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LackTrue4K1393d ago

The driver Club curse! Haha

mmcglasson1393d ago

Joining crew/joining club... haha How do games get released without testing this first!? I don't understand. I was thinking about getting this but I'm worried about it... If it gets an 8 or higher I will if not... nope.

PyroMessiah861393d ago

So let me get this right the game is called The Crew and on release the basic aspect of joining a crew of which the game is named after did not work.

Welcome to 2014 games design.

- From a fellow software dev.

Tzuno1393d ago

Wtf is wrong with devs these days, i remember playing games without the need of patches to fix some basic broken stuff, laziness at the highest level.

Ultr1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Hang on. There are enough developers and publishers releasing great stuff out of the box.
I remember playing broken games that could not get fixed.

bumnut1393d ago

Maybe the devs know its not ready, but some guy in a suit made them release anyway.

uth111393d ago

just a minor detail...

urwifeminder1393d ago

Just makes me appreciate FH2 even more still don't think it has need a patch out of the box brilliance.

Angerfist1393d ago

True. FH2 only gets the content patches but that's it. It worked from the go till now.

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