Smash Bros. For Wii U Has A Serious Error, Data Swiping And Bricked Systems

Wii U seems to sell better after Black Friday but users are experiencing some problems. Some gamers get the error code 160-0103 when playing the For Glory game mode. And from that moment your Wii U is doomed.

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iplay1up21208d ago

Wow that sucks! I have not picked SSB up yet, because I am playing too many games right now, including Darksiders 2, because I had not played it and it is only $9.99 on the eshop very cool Zelda like game. I was never interested in DS2 but I really like it and for the price you can't beat it.

MSBAUSTX1208d ago

DS2 is pretty good indeed. SSB is amazing man. I have played it a ton and it hasnt locked up my system yet. This is a very rare occurence and i dont think it can be blamed on the game. My Wi U has locked up only twice and it was while playing Call of Duty Ghosts. Both tines I turned it off and on and didnt have the problem again for a long time. The game has been out for a couple weeks now and this is just now coming out. If it was a widespread problem then the massive amounts of reviews would have spoken about it.

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Magicite1208d ago

tech issues is the least thing Nintendo needs now.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1208d ago

No issues on my end, thus far, but I think I'll avoid the online mode for new, just to be safe.
Rare issues like this generally don't stay untreated for long, in Nintendo's case.

Big_Game_Hunters1208d ago

No issuess so far but i won't be playing FG until the issue is solved.

Angeljuice1208d ago

That is a very worrying issue. Nintendo normally release the most solid, bug-free, heavily tested software (I'm in no way a fan of Nintendo games, but even I know that), for them to fail to spot a bug that can destroy the system is really bad.

I know that this bug must be very rare (or we would have heard more about it), but Nintendo should be issuing an official warning not to use the game mode until this is fixed.

I wouldn't play the game at all if I owned it {playing Russian Roulette with consoles just isn't my bag).

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