Nintendo and Philips Sign Global Patent License Agreement to Resolve Dispute Over Wii Technology

Nintendo is well accustomed to tackling legal battles around the world, particularly patent disputes that have been prominent since the phenomenal success of the Wii and DS. While Nintendo comes out on the winning side in most cases, it lost a notable case to Seijiro Tomita over the 3DS, and has been facing a worrying series of claims from major Dutch technology company Philips.

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RmanX10001351d ago

CDi virtual console please

miyamoto1351d ago

LOL! I did not know the best friends became enemies?

TheEnigma3131351d ago

Bring back Hotel Mario and the CDi Zelda series.

SmielmaN1351d ago

Huge for Nintendo. Good that it's all worked out

Angeljuice1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

I'm shocked, Nintendo fans have been telling me for years that Nintendo invented everything game related that ever existed.
Good to see its all settled before lining more lawyers pockets.

Magnus1351d ago

See Nintendo and Phillips can hold hands and play in the playground together. Shame Apple and Samsung don't fallow the trend that Nintendo and Phillips are doing.